The ‘H’ marking is used to discourage other drivers from parking across a driveway or an access to a property. The disabled bay markings are used to make other drivers aware that a particular space is needed by a person with mobility problems.

'H' and Disabled Bay road markings are only advisory and are not legally enforceable in the same way that yellow lines are. However they have been found to be successful when used at many locations throughout Sheffield to deter parking. 

Charges & payment

All applicants must make first payment of £75. This is a non-refundable application assessment fee. If your application is successful you will then be asked to make a further payment to cover the cost of providing the road marking.

At present the payments are:


Application Assessment Fee

Cost of Road Marking

Total Cost

‘H’ Marking

£75 £90
Disabled Person’s Parking Bay



These charges will be reviewed annually and are subject to change.

Traffic Regulations (Parking Restrictions) Team