New charges for parking and new prices for parking permits will be in effect from 15 May 2019.

You must apply for, renew, cancel or change the details of a carer parking permit online. Here you can apply for the following permits:

Resident carer parking permit

If you need essential care at home provided by a carer or carers, you may be eligible for a resident’s carer permit. It entitles the vehicle to park without time limit in a 'permit holders only' bay while the driver provides care for the permit holder in their home.

They are not available for residents of the inner or outer city centre or Holme Lane, Loxley New Road and Vaughton Hill schemes.

Further information on resident carer permits

Number of permits

Permits will normally be limited to one per household.

Charges for resident carer permits

A 12 month permit is free of charge.

Renew your permit up to 28 days before the expiry date of your existing permit.

Replacement pool (non vehicle specific) permits  will not be issued.

Organisation carer or medical permit

As an organisation you can apply for a permit to use in permit holder bays in all parking zones, but not in the city centre. 

Organisation carers permits are available for:

  • mental health social workers visiting a patient who may need to be detained under the Mental Health Act
  • primary care outreach nurses
  • TB nurses
  • Health Visitors
  • family support workers

Replacement pool (non vehicle specific) permits  will not be issued.

Medical professional carer permits are available for:

  • NHS qualified medical practitioners
  • NHS medical practitioners carrying essential equipment or drugs to treat a patient resident

Further information on organisation or medical permits

The driver can only use the permit for carrying out visits to clients or patients, not to park where they are based (their workplace).

Carer permit holders have to display a timer disc in the vehicle to show when they started parking. The maximum time for parking is 2 hours.

If the client/patient regularly needs longer care visits, they may be eligible to apply for a resident carer permit (see above). Clients/patients who require an occasional longer visit may provide a visitor permit.

Charges for medical carer permits

The cost is £10 each for 12 months.

Replace a lost disc: £2.50

Application timescales

When we have all your supporting evidence, we will respond to your application within 5 working days, however, if your application requires further investigation we will contact you within 28 working days.

Parking fines

You may receive a parking fine if:

  • both the permit and timer disc are not clearly displayed
  • the vehicle is parked for more than 2 hours
  • a false arrival time is set
  • the disc is reset after parking (to get more than 2 hours)
  • the permit is used for a purpose other than visiting a client/patient at their home
  • the vehicle is in a parking bay that is not for permit holders (there are no permit parking bays in the city centre)
  • the permit has expired
  • the permit is valid for a different vehicle