If you keep library items out for longer than the date you have been given, you may incur overdue charges. To avoid this happening, you can renew your books up to 3 times. 

Overdue charges are charged from the first day of an item becoming overdue until the day it is returned.

If you give us your email address we can send you a reminder a few days before your books are due for return.

Overdue charges

Books, periodicals & talking books

You will be charged 20 pence per day for each day that the library is open. This is up to a maximum of £5 per item plus postal charges.

DVDs, Blu-ray & music

For each week or part week that items are kept beyond initial loan period, a charge will be made equivalent to the original loan charge, up to a maximum of £10.

Lost or damaged books, music or films

You will be charged the full replacement cost for any item that you have borrowed and lost. If you have paid for a lost item and then find it, you will be entitled to a refund on production of a receipt.

Lost or stolen library cards

Please contact any local library, or the Central Lending Library, to let us know if you have lost your library card. You will be able to contact any library to collect your replacement card. For adults the cost of a replacement card is £2. For under 18s it is free.

Renew materials online

If you feel that you may have problems in paying for a lost item, please speak to the staff in any local library for advice.

There is no charge for young children's materials if they are damaged or lost and were borrowed on the card of a child below the age of 5.

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