This library was established in memory of Alan Rouse, a Sheffield climber who died climbing K2 in 1986. 

With the help of the Alan Rouse Trust Fund, Sheffield Libraries, Archives and Information have developed this collection which is now regarded as one of the best in the country.

The collection includes books, journals, climbing guides and expedition reports.

Climbing books

Most of the books in the collection can be borrowed using your Sheffield Library Card, others can be used in the library or photocopied, subject to copyright restrictions. 

The books in the collection cover all aspects of climbing, mountaineering and trekking, including:

  • the history of climbing
  • climbing equipment and techniques
  • mountain safety
  • past expeditions
  • books on mountains worldwide

We would like to thank the Boardman Tasker Trust for their kind donations as every year the Alan Rouse Climbing Collection receives copies of the entries for the Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature. 

These books are given in memory of Alan Rouse:

  • Full of Myself by Johnny Dawes
  • Echoes by Nick Bullock
  • Going Up by Joe Fitshen
  • Colliding Continents by Mike Searle
  • The Summits of Modern Man by Peter H. Hansen
  • Cruel Crossing by Edward Stourton

Find these books and others on our online library catalogue.

Climbing journals

We have some of the current climbing magazines and journals, as well as many older titles.

All journals are available for reference in the Reference and Information Library and can be photocopied subject to copyright restrictions.

Expedition reports

We are a repository for expedition reports from the Mount Everest Foundation. These reports are an excellent source of information, particularly for peaks that have had few ascents.

They give accounts of experiences and expenditure and often include advice for future expeditions. All expedition reports are available for reference in the library and can be photocopied.

Climbing guides

We stock a large range of climbing guides, covering both the UK and abroad. Most of these guides can be borrowed.