Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to earn as you learn, gaining skills, knowledge and experience.

They are open to anyone aged 16 or over as long as they are not in full time education and are allowed to work in the UK.

Apprenticeships provide employers with the opportunity to train new staff or current employees whose job is changing with the skills they require for their business whilst gaining valuable experience in the role.

Our apprenticeship programmes support local employers, increase skill levels and give new employment opportunities.

Council Housing Apprenticeships

Each year we recruit 20 apprentices to work in our housing services. We advertise in the summer and winter.

Recruitment starts with an open day event, which showcases the positions on offer and the best route for you to apply. This will depend on your current qualifications and work readiness, however all posts will be advertised and recruited to.

Many of our previous apprentices have gained permanent employment with us.

Offering apprenticeships

Small or medium sized businesses should contact us about providing apprenticeships. 

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