Regeneration activity is taking place in many neighbourhoods, providing new and better homes across the city as well as contributing to the growth of local economies.

Housing regeneration schemes

Many of the schemes we work on are aimed at improving and increasing the provision of housing across the city, either through the redevelopment of existing estates, building new homes, bringing empty properties back into use or buying properties to rent out as council housing.

Scowerdons, Weakland & Newstead regeneration


Home Group were our preferred Housing Association partner and they have delivered over 300 new homes on the 3 estates.

The Residents' Charter

A unique Residents’ Charter was in place for the SWaN project.

The Charter set out our commitment to residents throughout the regeneration process. This included the commitment that a new home of the tenure of choice would be available for existing residents who wanted to return to a new home on the estates.

Everyone who wanted a new property on the estates was nominated for one, and all residents have now moved into their new homes.

New housing development projects

To develop new homes, we work in partnership with developers with the aim of producing high quality, well designed housing in communities where people want to live.

Each new development is guided by a brief setting out our objectives for the site such as what type of properties are required or what level of design or environmental standards developers should achieve.

Some of the objectives set out in the brief will be drawn from previously defined planning documents or reflect our overall policies on developing sustainable neighbourhoods.


The Council is planning the development of approximately 120 new council homes for older people, together with an adjacent scheme of 20 homes for people with Learning Disabilities.

Most of the homes would be for social rent with some for sale, including low cost home ownership options.

It is intended to procure a design team in Spring 2017 and to consult on detailed plans later in the year.

Brearley Forge

Falstaff is a collection of cleared housing plots to the south of Parson Cross Park. New homes are being built in the area by the Sheffield Housing Company.


Development of new homes in Parson Cross, north Sheffield, by SYHA.


Development of new homes in Burngreave, north Sheffield, by Arches Housing Association.


The 10 acre at the “5 roads” area of the Flower estate has been developed for private sale houses by Keepmoat Homes.

A further 2 acres near to the site has been developed for an Extra Care Housing Scheme provided by Sanctuary Housing Association.

Fox Hill

A new housing development of 176 units including 2, 3 and 4 bed houses and 36 two-bed apartments.

Larkin Grove (also known as Lindsay)

A development of 35 terrace-style homes on the site of the old Deerlands School on Larkin Grove, just off Lindsay Road in Parson Cross.

The development is a mixture of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes, all built to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3 standard. A proportion of the new homes are affordable and some include mobility and lifetime homes features.

The developer is Great Places Housing Group.


The Malthouses is a group of 1950s non-traditionally constructed properties in Parson Cross on Mansell Crescent, Mansell Road and Wordsworth Avenue. They were built in 2 styles, flat and pitched roof.

The cleared land will then be redeveloped, some by the Sheffield Housing Company.

Park Hill

We are transforming Park Hill Flats with Great Places Housing Group and Urban Splash.

Pennine Village

The Pennine Village site runs adjacent to Manor Lane and Manor Park Avenue, facing onto the historic Manor Castle.

The Sheffield Housing Company will deliver high quality new homes alongside the historic lodge and surrounding conservation area.

This will bring a distinctive identity and new housing choice to the Manor Park area.

Most of the units will be for private sale, however, there may also be some affordable homes on the site.


Phase 1 (14 family homes for Shared Ownership and Intermediate Rent) was completed by South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) in 2012.

SYHA will begin construction of Phase 2 in Spring 2017. This comprises 28 homes for Affordable Rent (3 bed houses and 2 bed apartments) completing in Spring 2018.

Shirecliffe council homes

This is a new council housing development of 27 new homes in Shirecliffe. The housing mix is 6 bungalows for older people and the rest are 3 and 4 bed family homes.

Shirecliffe Sheffied Housing Company homes

This is a new housing development of 47 new homes on 12 infill sites in Shirecliffe.

Skinnerthorpe Road

This is a completed scheme that involved the purchase and demolition of 136 privately owned properties on Skinnerthorpe Road in Fir Vale. A new school has now been built on the site.

St Aidan’s site

91 new homes have been built by Places for People on the former cleared site off St Aidan’s Road. The development will be close to facilities on both City Road and Norfolk Park.

Neighbourhood regeneration

We also work on schemes to improve local areas more widely, revitalising local centres and neighbourhoods in an effort to boost the local economy and housing market.

Successful centres

Our high streets have become a topic of much debate over recent years as the recession and the rise of online shopping have put increasing pressure on retailers.

However, despite these pressures, high streets remain a key part of the city and our everyday lives. The majority of our shopping is still done on the high street and there is a growing trend towards supporting locally-based small businesses where we can have a more intimate, bespoke shopping experience.

This applies in our neighbourhoods more than anywhere and Sheffield has always had a strong sense of local community across the many diverse areas of our city, with local neighbourhood high streets forming the very heart of the city's communities.

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