Through our private rented scheme we help tenants and landlords to find the right solution to their problems. We’ll help match the right person to your property and find a home for someone who needs it.

We help people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness to find good quality, affordable accommodation in the private rented sector.

Call or email us to register for the service.

Benefits to you

These are just some of the benefits the scheme can provide you with:

  • it's free to join
  • there's no commitment to work with us until the tenancy agreement has been signed
  • we work with tenants to make sure they can manage a tenancy and pay their rent
  • our tenants are looking for sustainable, long term tenancies
  • we offer free support to you and the tenant for the length of the tenancy
  • we help tenants through the housing benefit process
  • we can offer you a deposit up to the equivalent of one months rent
  • we won’t ask you to keep your property free for our tenants

How it works

When you register with us, we’ll add your details to our list of potential landlords. You’ll still have full management of the property, so we’ll try to find a tenant that you’ll be happy with.

If your property is empty, you can rent to anyone while you are on our list. You're not obligated to rent to our customers just because you have joined the scheme.

If one of our customers is interested in your property, we’ll contact you to arrange a suitable viewing time.

If we're successful in finding a suitable tenant for your property we ask for the fixed term to be no less than 12 months. We strive to create long term sustainable homes in the private rented sector and we hope that the tenancy rolls on after this fixed term.

Property suitability

Our customers have varying needs, so we're looking for all sizes and types of properties in most areas across the city. We'll work with properties that are both furnished and unfurnished.

We will carry out an inspection to check if your property is suitable and tell you if you need to complete any works before you can join the scheme.

If you're not happy with a potential tenant you don’t have to accept them. If you tell us why you think they're unsuitable, we'll have a better chance of finding a tenant you are comfortable with.

Take possession of your property

Like any assured shorthold tenancy agreement, it would follow the normal legal procedures. If you want to ask the tenant to leave for any reason, speak to one of our team first. We want to make sure that all options have been considered before using the possession procedure.

We may be able to help resolve the issues that have made you want the property back and we'll liaise with both parties and will remain impartial.

We want to create substantial, long term tenancies. By working closely with you and the tenant and offering support throughout the life of the tenancy, we can deal quickly with any issues that arise and hopefully find a suitable solution.

How rent is paid

Most of our clients are eligible for Housing Benefit to contribute to rent payments. We take a lot of care over the housing benefit process to make sure the payments are made quickly and efficiently.

We will manage the housing benefit application and give them free regular support to help them make their payments on time. We have extra support in place to deal with persistent rent problems, however, in certain circumstances we may pay you directly.

What you can charge

The rent you can charge depends on the market rate for the area and the size and type of your property. If you set your rent at a reasonable and competitive level, letting your property should be quicker and easier.

Private Rented Solutions Service