We are carrying out improvements to the community heating service we provide to tenants. We have already refurbished the boiler houses and the next 2 stages of work involve:

  • Phase 2 - installing control equipment in each home
  • Phase 3 - installing heat meters  

We have committed to transfer all district heating properties to the metered system of billing.

Our Housing Services is managing the installation of the heat metering project and have procured the services of a specialist heat metering contractor to install the equipment and manage the billing.

The work involves fitting a heat meter to the existing heating equipment - usually in the airing-cupboard - and the installation of a payment recording device called a G6 unit. 

The installation should take no longer than half a day, although the contractor may need to return for commissioning purposes

The majority of the replacement work is contained within the airing cupboard. Typically, engineers will mainly need access to the hallway and airing cupboard.

We will provide a detailed programme of works for individual estates. We will also send a letter to each tenant/resident giving general information. You will also receive a visit from Council Housing staff.

If your installation date is not convenient we will be happy to rearrange this to a more suitable time and date. Both Council Housing staff and the specialist contractor's liaison officers will be available in your area to arrange this.

If you need to contact us, our Housing Service, Heat Metering Team are available on 0114 293 0000 or speak to any Tenant Liaison Officer (TLOs) who will be available on-site when work commences on your estate.

You will be able to “Pay as you Go” by buying credit using a payment card or by quoting your unique reference number from:

  • Paypoint
  • Post Office
  • AllPay
  • Internet
  • Mobile App
  • Telephone

In most cases, payment via direct debits will also be available (Budget plan). Please contact our  Housing Services on 0114 273 5590 for more information regarding budget plan payments. 

The costs to run this will be:

  • a Consumption Charge for the heating and hot water you consume in your home. This will be set at a competitive 3.38 pence per kWh inclusive of VAT
  • a Weekly Standing Charge of £4 (50 weeks per year) incorporated within your rent payments to cover the fixed costs associated with providing heating to your dwelling
  • a Monthly Amenity Charge of £14.54. Your district heating charges don't just cover the cost of your heating; they also cover for the provision of the heating system itself (ie plant and equipment). Your Amenity Charge covers the cost of any installation or refurbishment and any ongoing repairs, servicing and maintenance of the district heating plant and equipment
  • charges will be reviewed annually

If you have opted for the ‘Pay as you Go’ payment method and your credit is about to expire, there is an emergency facility which allows you to borrow a £10 heat credit. The payment recording device (G6 unit), will record this emergency credit and show a negative credit value. This is a loan and must be paid back in full before the system can be used again. The next time you top-up, you will have to buy more credit than the negative value before your supply is reconnected.  

If care is taken to moderate the room temperature and you switch off the heating when you are out, it is probable that a significant saving could be made to your annual heating bill.

Our Housing Service is committed to helping residents with advice on how best to use the heating system in an efficient way; the intention is to reduce heating costs for our customers. Council Housing staff are available to make personal visits and give information, advice and support to all our customers.

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