To get a good price for energy, you need to regularly review your supplier.  By shopping around jointly with other customers, you can potentially negotiate an even better deal. This is called collective switching.  

The Big Sheffield Switch encourages households in and around Sheffield to sign up to collective switching so that together we can get even better energy deals for you.  

Our energy partner, The Energy Helpline, then runs an online energy auction with UK energy suppliers to bid for your custom by offering their cheapest and best tariff.   

The more households who sign up, the more buying power the scheme has.  The best value providers are chosen and those deals are offered to all those who signed up.

You are under no obligation to switch energy supplier. When you get your offer you can choose to accept it or not depending upon if it works for you.

The average saving in previous years has been over £300 for households with online duel fuel contracts, with some people saving over £1,200 a year!

Since we started running the Big Sheffield Switch in March 2013, we've had over 20,500 registrations.

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