Each year we produce an Annual Report which looks back on our performance over the last year and outlines what we’re planning to do next. 

As with previous years, customers have again helped us produce the report, scrutinising its content, design and choosing a theme that links to our city.

The 2017-18 report celebrates Sheffield's rich and varied musical history – we hope it hits the right note with you!

Please email communications@sheffield.gov.uk if you have any comments or feedback about this annual report or would like to help produce the next one.

Our customer promises

Customers helped us develop a set of Service Promises for each area of our work, such as repairs or rents. These spell out what you can expect from us when we provide services and, because customers have been heavily involved in developing them, we hope they reflect what is important to you.

Tenants are now working with us to monitor these Service Promises. We have a range of partnership groups across all of our service areas, which you can join if you want to get involved.

Each partnership group receives a twice yearly report on a range of performance and customer satisfaction information against the Promises.

Read about our customer care promises

Our Cleaner, Greener, Safer Promises

To keep your local area clean and tidy, we will:

  • remove dumped rubbish and fly-tipping when you tell us about it or when we see it on our inspections
  • keep the areas around your home free of graffiti
  • maintain the shared green areas around your home
  • regularly clean staircases and landings in blocks of flats and maisonettes

To deal with neighbour nuisance, harassment and anti-social behaviour, we will:

  • discuss with you what action we are going to take
  • keep you regularly updated about your report’s progress
  • aim to resolve the problem to your satisfaction

Our Customer Service Promises

To ensure services are accessible, we will:

  • make sure our customer service points are accessible to all and equipped to deal with a range of enquiries
  • provide translation and interpretation services
  • ensure that our call centres provide a prompt, courteous and efficient service

To provide good quality information and communications, we will:

  • ensure all our leaflets and newsletters are easy to understand
  • continue to improve and enhance our online services and regularly update our website
  • deal with all enquiries confidentially and sensitively
  • respond promptly to complaints and keep you informed as we deal with them
  • publish facts and figures about complaints each year and tell you about any service changes we made as a result

Our Income Management Promises

To ensure clear communication about what you need to pay and when, we will:

  • provide clear and concise information about your rent
  • provide a variety of payment methods and convenient ways to access your account

To provide support and guidance to help you manage your rent account, we will:

  • offer new tenants additional support in the early weeks of their tenancy
  • aim to manage your rent account to your satisfaction

To take appropriate legal action to prevent and tackle arrears, we will:

  • take timely action on arrears
  • run publicity campaigns to promote the importance of paying rent

To help you make the most of your income, we will:

  • provide you with advice on accessing a range of benefits and other entitlements wherever we can
  • work with other organisations to give you access to independent specialist advice on debt and money management
  • offer additional services such as a tenant insurance scheme and access to low cost loans

Our Maintenance and Repair Promises

To keep your home safe, weatherproof and in good working order and keep communal areas safe and well maintained, we will:

  • offer appointments for all non-urgent repairs
  • ensure all people working on our behalf introduce themselves and show their identity cards
  • aim to keep repairs appointments and wherever possible complete repairs in one visit
  • ensure repairs are completed to a satisfactory standard
  • aim to ensure all our people clean up after themselves and remove any rubbish within 48 hours following any repair work
  • regularly service the main appliances we provide in your home
  • make sure newly let homes meet the agreed standards of repair
  • regularly inspect communal areas

To keep you informed about the repairs service, we will:

  • explain at the repairs visit what we have come to do, how long the job will take and how you might be affected
  • keep you informed if a repair cannot be completed straight away
  • provide you with details of who to contact if you experience any problems with the repair
  • contact you prior to any planned work or major improvement work being carried out
  • publish plans each year of scheduled improvement works

Our Access to Housing Promises

To ensure a clear, efficient and transparent rehousing service, we will:

  • validate your application to join the housing register and contact you quickly to confirm this or gather any further details.
  • when you tell us your details have changed, we will deal with this quickly
  • make information about rehousing and the Council’s Lettings Policy widely available
  • offer you a range of ways to bid for properties
  • explain what happens after you’ve placed a bid and publish details on our website about the properties that have been let
  • assess your housing needs quickly and offer support
  • make help and support available when you need it
  • offer you information on housing options to consider

To re-let properties as quickly as possible and support new tenants, we will:

  • re-let empty properties as quickly as we can
  • give you quality information on the offer letter that you receive from us
  • accompany you to view the property you have been offered
  • make sure the property is safe and secure
  • give you good quality advice about your new tenancy

Our Getting Involved Promises

We will:

  • offer you effective and meaningful ways to get involved
  • provide support to Tenants and Residents Associations (TARAs)
  • offer you training and development opportunities
  • provide you with good quality information

To ensure your involvement has a clear impact on improving services, we will:

  • tell you what’s happened as a result of your involvement
  • deliver engaging meetings with clear outcomes

Our Sheltered Promises

To support you in your home, we will:

  • talk to you about what support you need within the first 2 weeks of moving in. We’ll check this yearly or if things change
  • visit you within the first month to check you’re settling in and everything is satisfactory with your home
  • help you manage your rent account
  • support you if you need to report any anti-social behaviour.

To help you feel safe and secure, we will:

  • complete repairs when we say we will
  • check the building where you live is safe
  • check inside and outside communal areas every day and fix any problems we find
  • keep the main paths clear as best we can when the weather is bad

To provide a clean and green living environment, we will:

  • keep the outside of your scheme clean and tidy
  • deliver our caretaking standards by cleaning communal areas, bathrooms and kitchens
  • quality check the standard of the cleaning and outside green areas, together with resident inspectors

To ensure you have the chance to get involved in how the sheltered service is run, we will:

  • talk together regularly, through scheme and group meetings, so you can share concerns or queries about our services
  • make it easy for you to tell us what you think about where you live and the services that you receive
  • organise a scheme walkabout every 6 months, summer and winter, so you can tell us what changes you would like
  • then tell you what we are going to do about them

To stay active, we will work with you to provide a range of activities at your scheme and ask what you think about them

Telling you how we’re performing

Together with customers, we will monitor performance against these standards in a variety of different ways including:

  • customer surveys, complaints, praise and suggestions
  • discussing progress and improvements with Partnership Groups
  • inspecting and quality checking work when complete
  • formally reporting to the Housing and Neighbourhoods Advisory Panel, Local Area Housing Forums and Partnership Groups.

To ensure we are keeping to these Promises, we will make performance information widely available through our newsletters, Neighbourhood Offices and website.

If we don’t keep to our Promises, Partnership Groups or the ‘Challenge for Change’ Scrutiny Panel can ask for a more detailed review of services.

Our performance

Sheffield City Council is committed to providing excellent homes and housing services. We work closely with customers to constantly improve the way we work.  We monitor our performance, in a range of different ways. This could be through customer surveys or by using information about the enquiries we handle.  

Customer satisfaction surveys

We regularly carry out customer satisfaction surveys to find out what you think about the services we provide.  We value your opinions and use the findings to identify what we are doing well and where improvements can be made to our services.

Viewpoint, a community enterprise organisation, carries out our surveys.  They telephone 300 customers a month who have been picked at random and ask them to rate services on a scale from 1 to 10.

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