The Housing Ombudsman published a new Complaints Handling Code in July 2020. It sets out a good practice guide for landlords to respond to complaints effectively and fairly, and to be more accountable to their tenants, the Ombudsman and the Regulator.

Landlord self-assessments

The Ombudsman also requires landlords to self-assess themselves against the new code to identify what they are already doing well and what areas for improvement they need to address. The self-assessment covers six areas:

  • definition of a complaint
  • accessibility
  • complaint team and process
  • communication
  • cooperation with Housing Ombudsman Service
  • fairness in complaint handling

The results of our self-assessment

We have carried out our own self-assessment. As a result of this review and the areas of improvement it identified for us, we will be updating our complaints process in the next few months. This will be shared when the updated process has been agreed.

You can read the results of our self-assessment.

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