We want to support stronger, successful communities by making grants available, through the Community Fund, to local voluntary, community and self-help groups wanting to make a difference in their local neighbourhood.

Grants are available for organisations that work with council tenants, or in and around council housing estates in Sheffield and for exciting, innovative projects which would benefit council tenants.

How to apply

All the information that you need to apply to the Community Fund can be found in our application guide. Please check the available fund document to find out if funding is still available for your ward before you complete an application form.

You need to apply by 31 December 2019. You can download the relevant application forms and email them to communityfund@sheffield.gov.uk or send them by free post to:

Community Fund Team
Housing & Neighbourhoods Service
Corporate Mail Facility
1 Moorfoot
S1 4PL

You will not need a stamp to post to this address. Contact us if you need any more information.

Contact Community Fund

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