A Year of Sheffield Steel Spirit

Come on Sheffield - let's keep it going...

On 23rd March it will be a year since the Prime Minster announced the first lockdown. None of us envisaged the dramatic impact this would have on our lives and the tragedy that coronavirus would bring. Despite all the sadness and loss in what has been a dark time, a shining light has burned bright throughout. A light that comes from the strength of our humanity, kindness and selflessness for others. A defiance that won't let us be beaten, that searches for happiness and joy in the simple things - a Steel Spirit. We have been fortunate enough to capture many of the special moments in Sheffield.

Stay Steel Spirited! 9 year old Mia helps us look back over the last 12 months.

How can I get support or volunteer to help?

You can contact our community helpline and get support for people here. If you would like to offer your help as a volunteer or get involved in your community.


Helping others and volunteering

Woman holding up a Hello Sheffield Neighbour pack
Man clearing snow
Elderly lady sat on her doorstep
Kitchen with donation packs on the worktop
Lady holding a Hello Sheffield Neighbour pack
Man gritting a pavement

Thank you means so much

2 children smiling through a window
Thank you animation on a digital screen
Woman smiling
Thank you message stuck to the top of a bin
House with rainbow across the window
NHS rock sculpture

Staying safe

2 girls with masks on
2 socially distant students talking
Student sanitising shopping
Neighbours talking across road
Woman with mask on in a park
2 people social distanced in Meadowhall on a bench

Looking after our mental health

Girl loving white dog as he sleeps
Woman building snowmen in a garden
2 adults jogging in a park
2 children playing Jenga
Boy and dog asleep
Man dressed as dinosaur suit cutting grass

Our front line service heroes

2 bin men in the street
Bus driver with thumbs up
NHS staff outside hospital clapping
Nurse putting on apron and mask
Tram driver with thumbs up
Bus driver with thumbs up
Now then Sheffield, we've got this right? Remember, stay strong, stay safe, stay steel spirited!

How can I send in my good news story?

We would love to hear about any more great community spirit stories, no matter how large or small.

Whether it is some one you know or a total stranger, who has done a good deed or been really kind.

Please send us your community spirit stories and pictures so we can add to our steelspirit page.


We have featured a series of stories from people across the city sharing how coronovirus has affected their lives and what they have done to get through the pandemic.

Kenny on his bike

Lu in hospital bed

Shane holding his pet rabbit