clean air Sheffield
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We share the air.

Air pollution is a serious issue. Living alongside a busy road carries the same risk as passively smoking 10 cigarettes a day. Air pollution can permanently damage children's lungs.

Sheffield currently has illegal levels of air pollution. We have to take action now.

Air pollution can cause strokes, lung disease and cardiovascular disease

What we’re proposing to do

To reduce pollution as fast as possible, we need to introduce a clean air zone. This will charge the most polluting vehicles for entering the city centre.

Under these proposals, we need the most polluting taxis, vans, HGVs, buses and coaches to upgrade. These are currently 20% of the vehicles on our roads but cause 50% of the NO₂ pollution.  To help support people who depend on a vehicle for their livelihood, we are proposing  range of support packages.

We want:

  • ultra-low emission, diesel-free taxi fleet
  • electric or cleanest diesel buses
  • electric or cleanest diesel vans and HGVs
Charge chart
Proposed clean air zone map

If highly-polluting vehicles are still driving in the city when the zone starts, they will face a charge for entering the clean air zone in the city centre. Private cars will not be charged under these proposals, but we need diesel drivers to switch to less polluting vehicles.

The formal clean air consultation has now ended, however we are still speaking to many affected. To get in touch with us, please email