City centre street trading is a scheme that is part of our campaign to make Sheffield city centre a more attractive and vibrant place, and in turn create a more continental feel to the city.

You should not purchase any trading unit prior to an application being approved.

You must meet the city centre qualitative criteria which forms the basis on which to test applications for permission to trade.

Areas available

The city centre area used for the city centre street trading scheme is downloadable below. Any pitches within the circle would require a city centre street trading consent. Specific areas have been allocated for the city centre and applicants are advised to contact us for an up to date list.

Goods allowed

There is no constraint on the type of goods sold, however, we would like to encourage more traditional goods that would give a more continental-market style to the city centre.

The consent holder may only sell those goods specified on the consent.

What it costs

We can recover the costs of administering the Street Trading System through fees.

Fees are not uniform and can vary from year to year. We are permitted to take into account the location of the Street Trading Consent site when setting a fee for that site.

The fees for all of the proposed sites that are part of the city centre scheme are currently set at £498.50 per quarter (£1,994 per annum) to trade 7 days a week between 7am and 7pm.

You will be required to submit with your application a £100 non refundable fee to cover the costs of processing your application (if granted this will be deducted from the £1,994).

Terms and conditions

Conditions will be attached to all Street Trading Consents issued. The conditions may vary over time.

Conditions may be added to individual consents depending upon the location of the site and the type and design of trading stall permitted.

The standard conditions are:

1.        The consent holder shall only trade from the site specified in this consent.

2.        Consent fees where previously agreed are payable quarterly in advance of the period to which they relate.

3.        The trader shall collect and properly dispose of all wrappings and litter within a 100 metre radius of the site (and beyond where it is the result of the trader’s activities from the site) at the end of each trading day and as often as may be necessary during each trading day so as to keep and leave the street in a clean and tidy condition.

4.        The consent holder shall comply with all the conditions attached to their consent.

Apply for a city centre street trading licence

Download the application form below. You will need to submit the following:

  • A completed application form
  • The non-refundable fee of £100
  • 3 colour photographs of the unit to be used showing front, back and side
  • Details of the proposed site, including a scaled map showing the proximity of existing nearby shops, cafés and other traders that primarily trade in the same articles
  • Two passport sized colour photographs
  • A passport
  • A driver's licence
  • 1 other proof of identity, showing applicant’s name and current address (utility bill, bank statement etc)
  • Right to work documentation (if applicable)
  • Details of any food hygiene qualifications (unless trading in non-food items)
  • Any further information you may wish to submit in support of your application

Documents we need

  • A certificate of public liability insurance (the level of cover shall be a minimum of £2,000,000)
  • Written confirmation that the vehicle meets our food safety standards
  • Waste management contract
  • Declaration that you have registered as a food business (if applicable)

If you need more space to make your application, please securely attach additional sheets to your application.

Evaluation process

Once an application is received, we consult with South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and our Highways and Planning departments.

Consultation may also take place with local residents and/or businesses.

Consultees are given 28 days in which to make comments and this is therefore the minimum time it will take us to process your application.

The Licensing Committee will evaluate whether your trading stall proposal fits in with the qualitative criteria. If your proposal does not meet this criteria, it is unlikely a site will be offered.

You must provide as much information as possible about your proposal, including photographs of the proposed barrow/cart, designs, lettering, colours, uniforms etc as part of the application and presentation to the Committee.

The Licensing Committee are keen to support new small scale businesses in the city and would be looking to offer each pitch to a different trader.

You may specify more than 1 pitch in your application that is of interest to you, however, it is most likely, if you are successful, that you will only be offered 1 pitch.


If you are granted a consent you will be asked to sign and return the consent conditions confirming you have understood and will comply with them. You will then be issued with a Consent and a Certificate along with a copy of the conditions.

Contact Licensing Team

Ask us a question

01142734264 Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm

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Staniforth Road Depot
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