You should apply for a provisional licence if you are going to use or alter a premises for licensable activities.


The fee on application is £315.

Payment can be made by cheque (made payable to ‘Sheffield City Council’) through the post. Cash, cheques and card payments are accepted at our reception.

Apply online

You can make an online application via

Further information


You must be aged 18 or over.

Your application should include:

  • a completed application form
  • the fee of £315
  • a plan to the scale of 1:100 of the premises
  • a ‘schedule of works’

A ‘schedule of works’ includes:

a statement made by, or on behalf of, the applicant including details of the premises and the licensable activities it will be used for;.

  • plans of the work being or about to be carried out
  • any other information as may be required


A notice should be displayed clearly on the premises for 28 days from the day after you apply.

An advertisement must also be placed, the day after you apply, or at least once in the 10 working days after we receive your application:

  • in a local newsletter or a
  • similar document or publication circulating in the local area.

Application evaluation process

The application and consultation process is the same as for a premises licence.

A premises licence application will usually follow on from the grant of a provisional statement.

How we will notify you and timescales

A 28 day consultation period will begin the day after your application is received. 

During this time:

  • comments or representations can be made and
  • the responsible authorities will work with you to ensure your proposals are in line with the four licensing objectives.
  • If no comments are received the application will be granted. We will issue you with a statement when that happens.

If relevant representations are received, a public hearing will be held.  We will let you know about this in writing.


You can appeal to the Magistrates Court against a decision within 21 days

You can also contact:

  • in the UK, ask Citizen's Advice
  • from outside the UK contact the UK European Consumer Centre.

We are a part of the European network for delivering information relating to doing business in the European Economic Area. For full information on the EU Services Directive and Points of Single Contact for other member states from the European Commission.

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