We currently regulate about 150 industrial processes under the Environmental Permitting system.

The Environment Agency regulates about 25 Part A(1) processes within Sheffield and they also have responsibility for environmental control of waste operations, licensing and permitting.

Regulated processes

The range of regulated processes in Sheffield is quite varied and includes incineration, metalworks, printworks, refractory manufacture, coatings manufacture and uses, bulk cement processes, roadstone coating production, surface treatment/cleaning, timber processes, mobile crushers and petrol filling stations.

Operator Records

For each operator the Public Register contains:

  • application documents
  • permits
  • consultation responses
  • monitoring results
  • enforcement details

Certain information may be withheld on grounds of commercial confidentiality or national security. In these cases we must place a Notice on the Register in place of the sensitive information.

Part A(2) regulated processes

Part A(2) installations are larger industrial processes that are regulated by the Environmental Protection Service for emissions to air, water and land.

Their permits also contain controls over energy use, waste production, raw materials use, accidents and noise.

Part B regulated processes

Environmental permitting regulated process part B installations are regulated by us for their emissions to the atmosphere.

Applications under consideration

If you wish to view any of the applications you may do so free of charge at our offices in the city centre at Howden House on Floor 5. Please ring Tel 0114 2734651 or email epsadmin@sheffield.gov.uk.

  • Transition International Limited, High Temp Works, 480 Penistone Road, Sheffield, S6 2FU - a substantial variation to the existing Part A2 permit for the surface cleaning of metal using solvent
  • William Cook Cast Products Limited, Parkway Avenue, Sheffield, S9 4UL - a substantial variation to the existing Part B permit for the new fettling and finishing department including a new emission point
  • Sheffield Coated Stone Limited – application for a permit to operate a roadstone coating plant at Woodside Depot, Rutland Street, Sheffield, S3 9PA

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