Student and landlords responsibilities for household waste including red sacks for disposing of additional waste at academic year end.


Everyone in the house is responsible for making sure all your household waste is disposed of and recycled properly and legally. 

Use your:

  • black bin for general waste
  • blue bin and blue box for your recycling

If bins are repeatedly left on the street everyone living in your house could be issued with a £100 fine.


You are responsible for ensuring that all waste left by students leaving the premises is disposed of properly and legally.

Leaving waste in the:

  • garden or yard could result in a £2,500 fine
  • street could result in a £50,000 fine and up to 5 years imprisonment

Student red waste sacks

If you are a student you will be provided with red waste sacks to help you dispose of any extra waste at the end of the academic year.

This service is only for students living in private sector rented accommodation.  

Fill your normal bins first

Divide up your waste:

  • non-recyclable waste into your black bin
  • glass bottles, glass jars, cans and plastic bottles into your blue bin
  • paper and cardboard into your blue box

Make sure the lids on your bins are closed, otherwise they won’t be emptied.

Fill your red sack

When your normal bins are full, fill your red sack with any further waste.  Tie your red sacks to prevent the contents spilling.

If you have filled your bins and red sacks but still have extra waste, take it to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Report a problem with your red sack collection

Please contact us if your red sacks haven’t been emptied on your collection day.

Waste Management Service

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Howden House
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