The Local Assistance Scheme (LAS) provides Sheffield Independence Grants to support independent living and Sheffield Crisis Grants to help Sheffield residents in crisis situations with an identified need that cannot be met from another source. These replace the previously offered Local Assistance Grants and Local Assistance Loans respectively as of 1 June 2017.

Who can apply

This scheme is only available to Sheffield residents who:

  • Have insufficient income to meet their needs
  • Are aged 16 years old or over

If you are not receiving benefits, you will need to provide bank statements for the last 3 months in order for us to consider your application. These can be provided in person, by post or via email.

If you do not provide these bank statements within the processing time-scale of your application, your application will be rejected.

Further details are available in the Local Assistance Scheme Guidance document.  

Sheffield Independence Grants

These follow the same criteria as the previously offered Local Assistance Grants with the addition of also considering applications from Individuals under exceptional pressure. They are intended to support independent living in the community. For example, a Sheffield Independence Grant may be used to help people setting up home following a period in institutional care, avoid the need to go into care or cope with exceptionally difficult family circumstances. They may also provide help with deposits or rents. They can be awarded to help with the cost of essential household items and services (including travel costs in particular circumstances). Sheffield Independence Grants do not have to be repaid.

Sheffield Crisis Grants

These follow the same criteria as the previously offered Local Assistance Loans except that they do not have to be repaid. They are intended to help people who do not have enough money to meet their short term needs arising from a crisis following an emergency or disaster. They are used to prevent serious risk to the health and safety of an individual or their family.

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