Rent payments

If you're finding it difficult to pay your Council housing rent, we can help you.

More information on help paying your rent

This information can help you as a Council Housing tenant or if you're simply having problems with money.

Many people are worried about money at the moment. If you’re struggling to pay your bills or rent, or you’re in debt, you are not alone and there is support available.

Local support 

How we can help if you’re a Council tenant

If you're struggling to pay rent you should contact us immediately on 0114 293 0000. We can offer help and advice as well as make affordable arrangements to get you back on track with your payments. 

If you do not pay your rent Sheffield City Council will take firm action against you. If we take you to court you will be charged legal costs and ultimately you could lose your home.

There are other ways we can help:

  • new tenants can get help and advice from the outset. We can help you set up a regular payment pattern to suit your needs
  • maximise and manage your income. We can do this at the start of your tenancy or at any time during your tenancy 
  • find out your entitlement to welfare benefits and Housing Benefit and help you to complete a Housing Benefit claim form. We can also provide advice about Universal Credit and how to claim it
  • we will always discuss issues sympathetically and confidentially with you
  • we will ask you if you have any disabilities or illnesses or take any medication that could affect your ability to pay your rent, so that we can advise you accordingly
  • we can help you with specialist advice if you have debts or need help with budgeting. We can also refer you for in depth advice at Citizens Advice or the Credit Union

If you are a former Council tenant who owes rent arrears

We will still pursue this debt until it is cleared using a range of methods, including: 

  • telephone calls to your home 
  • letters to your new or last known address 
  • contact with a family member or employer 
  • Debt Collecting Agencies who will visit your new address 
  • tracing agents if we do not know your new address 

If you leave a Sheffield City Council tenancy with rent arrears on that property, you must contact our Debt Recovery Team on 0114 293 0000 to make an affordable repayment plan. If you don’t, we may take further action and disqualify you from the Housing Register.

You can find out more on our Arrears and Court Action page.

Debt advice

It's never too late to get help with debt problems. But the earlier you try to sort things out the more options you have.

A number of companies and organisations offer debt advice. Many will help with free initial advice, but you should check with anyone you contact about the service they offer. You don't have to pay for debt or money advice. There is plenty of free help for you.

Organisations who advertise debt solutions such as Debt Management Plans (DMP) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) make a profit from setting up these procedures. Although they may be appropriate for you, we strongly advise that you always take independent advice on all the options for dealing with debt before contacting any DMP/IVA provider.

Consolidation loans

Loan providers who advertise ‘consolidation loans’ for people in financial difficulty make their money by selling their product and their main interest is making a profit. Sometimes they insist on the loan being secured on your home. They are not independent and although debt consolidation may be right for you, you should always check what else you can do.

Credit spreader

If you have other accounts such as court costs, garage rent or tenants insurance we use a process called ‘credit spreading’. Normally we will ask you to make payments due onto the current rent account for your property. ‘Credit spreading’ automatically distributes money you have paid to your current rent account to your other accounts once the current account is in credit. 

When the other accounts are paid in full, money left over will remain as credit on your current main account. 

Free help

Sheffield Citizens Advice provides free, local, independent debt advice on their website or call them for free on 0808 278 7820

National Debtline provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice by telephone. 

National Debtline

If you need advice about Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) or other bankruptcy issues, visit the Insolvency Service website.

Insolvency Service

For people eligible for legal aid, you can get help from Community Legal Advice. This is a telephone based service which helps those people on low incomes or benefits. Call them on 0345 3454 345.

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