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Bins and refuse collection

Recycling and Waste Bins used in Sheffield

We provide blue bins and blue boxes to store paper, card and glass, cans and plastic bottles for recycling, and black bins for general waste.

We will provide help with collections if you are unable to take your bin to the kerbside because of disability or ill health.

Receive email alerts about bin collections and recycling news and changes.

When to put your bins out

  • Put your bin(s) at the kerbside after 6pm on the day before the collection
  • Remove your bin no later than 9am the day after the collection

We may issue Section 46 notices under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 advising you on how to manage your bin, including removing them from the footpath after emptying. Fixed Penalty notices may be used to ensure these standards are met.

  • Modified: Feb 21, 2014 10:56:24 AM