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Flood reporting and management

Sheffield is at risk of flooding from a number of sources including:

  • large rivers (such as the River Don and River Sheaf)
  • small rivers (such as the Porter Brook, Blackburn Brook)
  • ordinary watercourses; public sewers, road drains;
  • surface water (run-off)
  • reservoirs and ponds.


Be prepared

Environment Agency guidance to prevent flood water entering your home.


Report flooding

In emergencies telephone us during office hours or contact the Environment Agency.

We will only provide sand bags if you are in immediate danger of flooding. If you are, please telephone us.


Who does what

We are the Lead Local Flood Authority.  We take a co-ordinated approach to managing flood risk across our own services and are working closely with our partner agencies (the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water) to deliver a risk management strategy.

This strategy was approved by Cabinet in November 2013 and provides a framework to address all sources of flood risk.

The Environment Agency are the regulatory authority for the city’s rivers and Yorkshire Water own and manage the public sewer network. 

The National Flood Forum is a national charity dedicated to supporting and representing communities and individuals at risk of flooding.


Land drainage

We are also the Land Drainage Authority for Sheffield with permissive powers relating to ordinary watercourses (small brooks and streams).

We also provide a general advice to the public on drainage and have copies of watercourse maps and Yorkshire Water's public sewer records, which you can view at our office.

If you own land next to or with a river or stream running through it, then you are a riparian owner with rights and responsibilities. These are explained in the Environment Agency’s living on the edge.

Householders and businesses don't block your drain.


Flood risk in planning and development

Flood risk guidance for developers.

Check the flood risk map of areas next to the city’s rivers.


Flooding investigations

Our policy for investigating flooding, as well as our flooding investigation reports.


Contact us

Please telephone us about any other flood related queries.

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