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Burglar alarms

Car and burglar alarms can cause nuisance if they go off and the owner is not around to switch them off.

If a car alarm has been going off and causing a noise problem we have the legal right to silence it.

An audible intruder alarm (not a silent alarm which automatically contacts the police), has to have been active for more than twenty minutes before we can take action.


What we can do

There is a certain procedure we have to go through to turn the alarm off. First, we have to serve a "noise abatement notice" on the owner or occupier or, if they cannot be found, the notice is placed on the car or on the property.

This notice means you have a maximum of 30 minutes to silence the alarm. If this is not done, a specialist will be called in to do so.

We will take every care not to cause damage to your vehicle or property and try not to enter it to silence the alarm. In some cases, we may change the locks on your house as we may have no choice but to enter your property.

Once we have silenced the alarm we will make sure that the house or car is left secured. The police will be informed of any action we take so that you can be kept informed.


Once we have silenced the alarm

If the locks have been changed, we will always leave some documentation where you can see it without having to enter your property, for example:

  • pinned to your front door
  • on the inside of your window

During normal office hours owners or occupiers can claim new keys by calling either:

  • the specific number that is left on the documentation
  • or 0114 2734651

To arrange collection contact us. You will need to bring valid identification and proof of ownership or tenancy of the property.

In silencing the alarm we will recover our costs from you and in some cases, may prosecute. A successful prosecution could lead to a fine, but we prefer to use informal methods where possible.

We aim to take reasonable steps to:

  • to find the owner or occupier of the property or vehicle

  • give the owner or occupier a reasonable time to silence the alarm

  • take care and not cause damage to the property or vehicle

  • never leave a property or vehicle unsecured after we have entered it

  • take the most appropriate action to minimise disturbance to residents

  • make every effort to inform the owner or occupier of our actions.


What you can do

We recommend that you provide one or more named key-holders who can be contacted if the alarm goes off.

The name(s) of the key-holder should be known to your neighbours. It may also be useful to check that all windows, and internal and external doors are closed properly before you leave your property, to avoid them blowing open and the alarm being triggered.


Alarm Registration Service

You can register with our Alarm Registration Service so that we will be able to contact a key-holder in the event of a complaint.

Download the alarm registration form then either post, fax or email it back to us (details of how to contact us).

Registration form


Fire alarm

For health and safety reasons the noise team cannot silence a sounding fire alarm. If you hear a fire alarm please call the emergency services. The fire brigade can enter, check the building and reset the alarm if necessary.


Contact details and complaints

If you want to complain about an alarm ringing at night please call 101.

For more information, please contact us.

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