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Pest Control Service Charter

We will

  • Provide advice on all our services free of charge. However some pest control services do carry a charge
  • The charges are always kept to a reasonable level and they are often discounted for disadvantaged groups
  • Our pest control is available on contract to businesses. We provide free survey and advisory visits and quotes
  • Provide a high level of expertise
  • Deal with you in a fair, courteous and confidential manner
  • Respond to requests for service within three working days (we try and meet this standard for at least 95% of our customers)
  • Provide you with the name and contact details of the officer dealing with your enquiry
  • Provide you with details of what will happen and when
  • Provide you with information on the cost of the service
  • Visit by pre-arranged appointment where appropriate
  • Always produce official identification
  • Answer your telephone call within 20 seconds
  • Respond to written enquiries within five working days
  • Explain why, if we are unable to resolve a problem

How You Can Help

  • Provide your name and telephone number so we can report back to you
  • Keep appointments made and arrange safe access
  • Co-operate with the officer dealing with your problem

(We treat any incident of abuse, threats or assault on its employees very seriously and will always consider taking action when this occurs, including withdrawal of services and legal remedies.)

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