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Health Protection Service Standards

Our service standards. We deal with inspections, investigations, sampling, training, advice, information, health promotion and enforce the law in relation to:

  • Hygiene and safety in food premises and food purchases

  • Health and safety at work in offices and shops and licensed premises

  • Infectious diseases and food poisoning

  • Private Water Supplies

  • Smoke free


What you can expect from us

We will:

  • Provide the best possible standard of service

  • Deal with you in a fair, courteous and confidential manner

  • Respond immediately to serious problems

  • Respond to service requests within five working days

  • Provide you with the name and contact details of the officer dealing with your enquiry

  • Refer you to the appropriate agency/advisor if we are unable to help

  • Provide a written report within 14 working days following any inspection of your business premises

  • Distinguish between recommendations of good practice and legal requirements

  • Always produce official identification

  • Respect your property


How you can help

  • Provide us with your name and telephone number so we can report back to you

  • Keep appointments made and arrange safe access

  • Allow the officer access to business premises at all reasonable times

  • Co-operate with and treat the officer dealing with your problem in a proper manner

We treat any incident of abuse, threats or assault on its employees very seriously and we will always consider taking action against perpetrators whenever this occurs. Action may include withdrawal of service and legal remedies.


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