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Lost and found dogs

If you find a stray dog, you should either;

Alternatively, you could opt to keep hold of the dog and look after it yourself until its owner comes forward. Should you choose to do this, you must contact us to obtain further information.

We keep a database register of all dogs that are lost or found and reported to us.


Lost dogs

If your dog becomes lost, then contact us to:

  1. See if we have had it reported as found
  2. See if we have had any reports of it being seen in an area
  3. Report a lost dog. We will try and reunite lost dogs with their owners
  4. If you lose your dog outside of normal working hours, you should call 101 to make a lost dog report


Ask us to remove dead animals from a road

It is an unfortunate and sad fact that many animals are killed on the roads. They include wild creatures such as foxes, hedgehogs, birds and sometimes pet dogs and cats.

We remove large missing or dead animals from roads, pavements and verges.


Visit us

Contact us to make an appointment to visit our kennels.

If we have picked up your dog you will have to pay a fee to reclaim it.

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