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Air Aware Sheffield

 How to protect yourself from harmful air pollution

  • Walk or cycle more and drive less if you can

  • Switch your engine off when stationary

  • Walk in cleaner air away from heavy traffic areas

  • Most air pollution is caused by road traffic

  • Buy a petrol car instead of diesel – petrol cars are less polluting than diesel

Petrol is less polluting than diesel


Facts you need to know about diesel cars

  • Diesel doesn’t cost less If you drive fewer than 12,000 miles per year
  • Diesel exhaust fumes harm our children’s lungs
  • Diesel fumes give out harmful NO2 and PM10 – up to 500 people a year die in Sheffield from this pollution and many more become ill because of it

Air pollution damages health and most is caused by road traffic Harmful vehicle emissions are NO2 and PM10


How you can reduce harmful air pollution

  • Drive a petrol, hybrid or an electric car
  • Run efficiently by checking your tyre pressure
  • Car share
  • Drive less (if you can)

Run efficiently - check your tyre pressure

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