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Air Quality Action Plan

A new Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) for Sheffield 2015 was approved at Cabinet on 11 July 2012.

The AQAP describes the actions that have been taken since 2010 to improve air quality and what more needs to be done.

The AQAP aims to reduce pollution in Sheffield in order to achieve health-based national air quality objective and EU limit values by 2015.


What we will do

An ambitious set of local measures have been outlined in the AQAP, which when fully implemented should lead to a significant reduction in levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and fine particles (PM10) in the air.  The 7 key actions are:

  • Action 1: Assess feasibility for a Low Emission Zone

  • Action 2: Develop infrastructure for refuelling low emission vehicles

  • Action 3: Promote smarter travel choices

  • Action 4: Improve engine performance of commercial diesel vehicles

  • Action 5: Mitigate the impact of the M1 motorway (particularly in the Tinsley Area)

  • Action 6: Develop policies to support better air quality

  • Action 7: Control industrial emissions


Part of our overall aims

This plan sets out our commitments and those of our partners to address local air pollutants by 2015. These commitments will help to deliver our ambitions for the environment as set out in “Standing up for Sheffield”, our Corporate Plan 2011-14 by contributing to the outcomes areas of:

  • Better Health and Wellbeing

  • An Environmentally Responsive City

  • A Great Place to Live

The AQAP draws upon and will contribute to numerous other local priorities such as the Sheffield Carbon Reduction Framework, the City Strategy, the South Yorkshire Local Transport Plan, the Sheffield Transport Vision and the Decentralised Energy Strategy.


Who makes it happen

Our overall Air Quality Champion is the Director of Public Health (as part of their role on the city’s Health and Well Being Board).

The Executive Director of our Place Portfolio has responsibility for delivery of the AQAP.

In addition, each Action in the plan has a lead officer on both the Steering Group and the Working Group for Air Quality. The Actions will be supported by members of the local community.


DEFRA Feedback on AQAP 2015

The AQAP 2015 report was sent to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) as the regulating Government body for comment.

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