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School holidays and terms in Sheffield

School holidays and term dates for Sheffield schools.

2017 to 2018

2016 to 2017


Google calendar for these school holidays.

Results of the  school calendar 2017-18 consultation.

School attendance and term time leave.


Holiday activities

Children's University Learning Destinations.

Events (Welcome to Sheffield website).

Things to do (Sheffield Directory).



Childcare options and clubs (Sheffield Directory).


The Authority is responsible for setting term dates for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools only, including special schools.  Schools that are their own Admission Authority (Academies, Foundations, Trusts, Voluntary Aided) can set their own term dates but there is a desire to try and operate a common set of term dates across the City.

Please find attached the Authority’s proposed school term dates and holidays for 2018/19.  The Authority received a very strong response in favour of fixing the Easter break during consultation on the 2017/18 term dates and is therefore proposing a single model that fixes the break at the beginning of April 2019.  Please note that the actual bank holidays fall on the 19th and 22nd of April which is outside the proposed break.

The consultation period is 9th January to 17th February and details of how to respond are provided in the attached letter.


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