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Home-school agreement

Home-school recommendations on school polices should include:

  • the standard of education

  • the school ethos

  • attendance

  • discipline

  • homework

  • communications

  • complaints

The agreement should be drawn up by the governing body in consultation with the headteacher and set out:

  • the school's aims and values

  • the school's and parents' respective responsibilities (including pupil attendance, behaviour and homework)

  • what the school expects of its pupils



Before adopting or reviewing an agreement, the school must consult parents.

It should also involve pupils, teachers, other school staff and relevant agencies in the consultation process.

Parental declaration

The governing body must take reasonable steps to ensure that all registered parents of pupils aged 5 to 16 sign the parental declaration, showing that they understand and accept the agreement.

Pupils may also be asked to sign.

Refusal to sign an agreement should not result in adverse consequences for a pupil or parent and cannot be made a condition of entry to the school. 

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