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Start Well Sheffield

Start Well Sheffield supports families to make manageable changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

We encourage early years settings like children's centres and nurseries to apply for the Healthy Early Years' (HEY) award. The award demonstrates that the setting is promoting a healthy lifestyle to the children and families they work with.

We only award HEY when the early years' setting can demonstrate and offer families visiting them:

  • Personal and emotional development
  • Healthy eating/food
  • Promoting breastfeeding/infant feeding
  • Physical activity
  • Safety – road safety, smoke-free policy
  • Provides a welcoming safe environment
  • The centre is listening to feedback from parents/carers

If you are looking for a nursery in your area, ask staff about the Heathy Early Years' award. This will give you confidence that your child receives a really good start in life.


Early Years' Settings - Healthy Start in Child Care Training

As well as being encouraged to achieve the HEY status, early years' settings that receive the award attend a one-day Healthy Start in Child Care training course.

HENRY Healthy Start in Child Care training incorporates research into factors that protect against, or lead to obesity. This course recognises that childcare settings play an important role in providing a healthy start for young children.

By attending training, early years' practitioners will give your family the knowledge and confidence to provide a healthy environment for the children in their care. One way they do this is by offering support and guidance in behaviour management, mealtime and snack routines, nutrition, physical activity and emotional wellbeing.


HENRY (Health, Exercise and Nutrition for the Really Young) Training for Professionals Working with Young Children and Families

HENRY Core training is a two-day intensive training course for professionals working with young children and families. This training equips professionals with tools to help families adopt a healthier lifestyle. Our aim is to give all early years' workers an opportunity to attend this training which has a positive impact on your children’s health and wellbeing.

Professionals working with your family will be able to support you with:

  • Eating behaviour, food and activity which enables the whole family to adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • Offering parenting hints and tips to help you to develop the confidence and skills to give your children a good start in life so they are able to start school physically and emotionally ready to learn
  • A practical framework to support behaviour change by using an approach to help you change old habits and achieve your goals


HENRY Group support

We also deliver our free HENRY Group Programme to parents and carers of children 0-5 across Sheffield. Your Health Visitor or GP may have suggested that this type of support might be right for you and your family, or you may have seen a poster or leaflet about HENRY in your local early years' setting - and feel that you would like to attend.

Groups are held across the city every school term. 1000s of families across the country have already benefitted from HENRY and we want your family to have the same positive experience.

Read about HENRY.

You can self-refer by calling 0114 2735733. Alternatively, you can ask your GP, Health Visitor or Early Years’ Practitioner to refer you.

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