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Sheffield Children's University

1 million hours - we did it!

With your fantastic help and continued support, we have reached a very significant milestone here in Sheffield and it’s time to celebrate!

Children and young people in Sheffield have clocked up over 1 million hours of learning in their own time.

Find out more and watch the video.


Overview of the Children's University

Sheffield Children’s University (CU) is part of an exciting national initiative that encourages and celebrates participation in a wide range of inspiring learning opportunities outside school hours. National research shows a clear link between participation in study support activities and academic progress due to increased self-esteem and confidence.

Overview of the Children's University

Get involved

It’s easy to get involved. Please note: Sheffield Children's University is only allowed to track the credits of pupils who attend schools in Sheffield (or live within a Sheffield postcode if they are home-educated). Children's Universities in the surrounding area.

  • Find out if your school is subscribed to the Children's University. Encourage your child to take up opportunities offered by the school and to attend regularly.

  • To collect extra credits, buy a Passport to Learning at a library for £2 and sign the front page so your child can collect credits at Learning Destinations.

  • Encourage your child to join in other activities in your area.

  • Recommend good organisations to us if they are not already CU Learning Destinations.

  • Come along to the CU ceremonies when invited and celebrate your child’s success!

Passport to Learning

There are lots of fun and exciting activities taking place outside of normal school hours in different places across Sheffield where children and young people can collect learning credits.

These credits will be added to the ones children collect in school to earn Children’s University Awards. To collect these credits they need a Passport to Learning.

Apply for a Passport

These cost £2 and are available to purchase at Sheffield libraries and some Learning Destinations now!

Download our Passport Activity Newsletter below for details of our Learning Destinations and activities coming up in the next holidays!


Parental Consent

All children and young people have to do is to ask their parents to sign the consent form inside the CU Passport to give permission for the Learning Destination to pass essential information to Sheffield Children’s University (ourselves).

They can then take the Passport to any of the registered CU Learning Destinations across the city such as museums, libraries and local clubs and take part in their learning activities.

Participation will be recorded on a register and the hours will contribute to the Award Certificates and badges sent to them through school.

Learning Destinations to Visit

Look out for the Children’s University logo and Learning Destination posters! Please refer to the list of Learning Destinations in and around Sheffield where you can begin to collect credits.

Also, please see the most recent newsletter above, detailing the Learning Destinations and activities holidays.

Don't forget, there are Learning Destinations all around the country where you can earn even more credits by taking your Passport to Learning.

Remember to fill in and return a Diary sheet (see Learning Destinations to download this) each time you visit one!

Visit the national Children's University Trust to find out more about Learning Destinations outside of Sheffield.

The Passport is a new development for Sheffield Children’s University. Organisations are joining all the time. If you already go to a club or group not on this list then you can contact us.

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