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Learning for Life

Learning for Life is the Sheffield 14 to 19 Partnership responsible for delivering the 14 to 19 reform agenda. It meets weekly and is comprised of senior and experienced managers drawn from the Local Authority, Business Education South Yorkshire, Longley Park Sixth Form College, the Sheffield Association of Training Providers, Sheffield Futures (Connexions service) and the Sheffield College. It is also the supervisory body for the city’s Diploma consortia and, through these, it maintains strong connections with the city’s secondary schools, universities and employers.

Learning for Life is responsible for delivering the city’s 14 to 19 Strategy and, through this, the national reform programme. It's work includes:

  • Making available a broader 14-19 entitlement to a wider range of learning pathways, including the Diploma, that are a pre-requisite of personalised learning
  • developing appropriate curricula in support of this entitlement including Functional Skills and Foundation Learning and, through these, equipping learners with the broad skills set for success at work and in adult life
  • strengthening the provision of independent information, advice and guidance and the maintenance of a combined on-line prospectus and application system that can help young people and their parents to decide upon the most suitable learning pathway
  • driving up attainment, participation and progression in Key Stage 4 and 16 to19 by developing a curriculum that more learners find relevant and motivating and through inter-agency service improvement particularly in support of for vulnerable individuals and groups
  • composing annually the city’s 14 to 19 Learning Plan and ensuring that the balance and mix of provision is accessible, of high quality, reflects the needs and aspirations of learners and is capable of delivering the September Guarantees
  • maintaining strong connections with the Inclusion and Learning Service and learning institutions in the drive to raise standards and with the Children’s Specialist Services to strengthen personalised support and an integrated youth offer
  • strengthening the role of young people, their parents and carers in curriculum design and service improvement
  • preparing for the Raising of the Participation Age and prevention of students becoming NEET
  • supporting the development of Apprencticeships across the city
  • striving to increase employer engagement in learning, to develop the enterprise curriculum and to shape the curriculum to reflect the skills needs of the local economy and the economic well-being of young people.

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The Learning for Life Partnership has secured a Beacon Award for its leading edge work in delivering the 14 to 19 reform agenda, the strength of its inter-agency collaboration and its impact on engagement, achievement and progression. The partnership remains highly focused on improved outcomes for young people, excellence in inter-agency service delivery and the achievement of stretching Local Area Agreement targets including:

  • Achievement of 5 or more A*-C grades at GCSE or equivalent including English and Maths – a target of 50.2% by 2008/09
  • 16 to 18 year olds who are not in education employment or training (NEET) – a target of 7.8% by 2010/11
  • Achievement of a Level 2 qualification by the age of 19 - a target of 74.6% by 2010/11
  • Achievement of a Level 3 qualification by the age of 19 – a target of 54% by 2011.

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