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Council Tax: Uninhabitable homes

No reduction is available for properties that are uninhabitable or undergoing major works and the full Council Tax charge applies.

About Council Tax and unoccupied homes.


Tell us about vacant homes

It is important to tell us about any vacant property where work is being done or is needed to make it habitable. 

Many properties have work done before a new occupier moves in such as refitting a bathroom suite or kitchen.  In other cases major structural work is needed such as replacing a roof, or repairs following fire or flood damage.

By letting us know this, it will help in ensuring that accurate and up to date Council Tax bills can be issued once this work has been completed.  To do this you will need to complete one of the forms below,

  1. Form 1 where your property is in need of major repair works
  2. Form 1 where major repair works are currently being carried out,
  3. Form 2 where major repair works have been completed.

It is better to tell us before any repairs are completed.  Where you tell us after the work has been completed, any notification must include evidence to support the information being provided.

This may include copies of surveys and reports, photographs and quotes from builders.  If work has been completed, you can provide receipts from builders with your form.

An Inspector will contact you to arrange a visit to the property or to ask for further information or evidence. 

Claim forms


Tell us when the works are complete

You must let us know once the works have been completed so that we can amend your bill.  Failure to do so may result in prosecution and a fine of up to £280.

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