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Council Tax: Disabled persons relief

If you or someone who lives in your household has a disability and your home has been adapted to meet the needs of the disabled person, you may qualify for a reduction in Council Tax.

Features of the property

You may receive a reduction in your Council Tax if a feature of the property is required as essential, or of major importance to the well-being of a disabled person.  This includes:

  • A room (other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet) which is used predominantly by the disabled person

  • An additional bathroom (excluding a toilet) or kitchen is required to meet the needs of the disabled person

  • Your home has been adapted to allow sufficient floor space inside the property to allow the use of a wheelchair

Reduction amount

The reduction will be equivalent to re-banding the property into the next lower band on the Council Tax valuation list. 

Band A properties

Qualifying properties in band A are eligible for a reduction.  The reduction for band A properties will be the equivalent of one 9th of Band D.

Claim disabled person's relief

Claim disabled person's relief.

It is important that you continue to make the payments shown on your bill until you are advised whether your application has been successful and a revised bill has been issued.


Appeal against our decision.

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