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Warning for Council Tax Payers

There have been an increasing number of taxpayers reporting occasions where they have been contacted by organisations or individuals offering reductions or refunds of Council Tax in specific circumstances.

Taxpayers need to be extremely careful when they are being contacted about the information they provide.  If you are asked to provide bank details or other financial information this should be refused as the likelihood is that if the callers ask for this information, they are from bogus companies.

However, there are other reputable companies who contact taxpayers to try and secure banding reductions, but do not ask for Taxpayers personal financial information and you may want to pursue this with them.

If you wish to query the band on your property you can contact the Valuation Office Agency direct, there will not be a charge for checking if you are in the correct band, see the information about Appeals.

If customers receive telephone calls or a door step caller offering refunds or reductions in Council Tax and request bank or building society account details, credit card details, or request an administration fee or 'up front payment' to secure a refund these will not be from us.

If you recive a visit to your property from someone saying they are from the Valuation Office Agency or Us they MUST carry an identity card. Always ask to see this card.  If this cannot be provided this will be a bogus call and under no circumstances should any information be provided.

Contact us if you're targeted

If you receive one of these calls or visits, please let us know immediately by emailing us at or by phoning us on 0114 2736633.

You should give us as much information as you can – for example the name of the company or individual who contacted you, and any address or contact numbers you are given.

We would also like to ask anyone who receives a call or visit similar to these to contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.

  • Modified: Mar 6, 2013 12:37:38 PM