Garden maintenance

We have a range of services and schemes to keep our estates as attractive and pleasant as possible for everyone who lives and works on them. Please help us to look after your estate by reporting any issues to us straightaway by contacting us.

Garden scheme for the elderly or disabled

Our garden scheme is free of charge and is limited to a single visit each year. 

The current criteria is that you must:

  • be aged 75 or over
  • have a disability which prevents you from gardening
  • there should be no-one else under the age of 75 at home, or any friends, relatives or neighbours able to do the work

You can apply:

  • in person at your nearest Housing Office or First Point
  • by telephone
  • in writing to Council Housing Service
  • completing our online form

Trees in your garden

Trees in a garden can provide many benefits, but can also be a worry. Sometimes people don’t notice signs of ill-health in their tree until it’s too late and others think their tree is dangerous when in fact it’s fine.

If you have got a tree in your garden please keep an eye on its condition and contact your local housing office if you are concerned about it. 

Contact Council Housing Service

Housing and Neighbourhood Service
PO Box 5967
S2 9GH
0114 293 0000
Monday to Friday
8am to 5:30pm