The Council’s bank account has a new sort code with effect from 13th November 2017. The new sort code will be 20-77-18, replacing the previous sort code, which was 20-76-92. The Council’s bank account numbers will remain the same. 

This means the new bank details for Council Tax, Business Rates, Parking Fines and Invoices are:

  • Sort code: 20-77-18
  • Account number: 03027376 (unchanged)
  • Account name: SCC Credit Clearing (unchanged)

For Council Housing Rents the new details are:

  • Sort code: 20-77-18
  • Account number: 23768678 (unchanged)
  • Account name: SCC Housing Rents (unchanged)

Please remember to quote your reference number when making any payment. This information is shown on your bill.

Reasoning behind the change

The reason for this change is because the Council has its banking services provided by Barclays Bank PLC, who are affected by Banking Reforms, along with most of the other UK Banks. This means that its sort code will need to change for some customers, Sheffield City Council being one. 

This change affects all Sheffield City Council bank accounts into which payments are made, for example Housing Rents, Council Tax and Business Rates. It also affects people and businesses we make payments to, for example suppliers and housing benefit claimants. 

If you are a Sheffield citizen, individual or a business that makes payments to the Council then you may need to take action. If you need to change the bank account information you hold for making payments to the Council then please do this immediately through your own bank, either online or through a branch. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your co-operation. 

Direct Debit

Please note if you currently pay the Council by Direct Debit you will not be affected by this change. If you would like to change your payment method to Direct Debit please contact the relevant department the payment relates to. Unfortunately the Direct Debit Option is currently not available for repaying a Housing Benefit Invoice. 

Online payments

If you complete payments via online bank systems you will need to amend your existing instruction with your bank, changing it to the new account details. 

If you send payments to the old details, the payments will be re-directed to the new details automatically for a limited time period. Please change the details you use to make the payment as soon as possible. 

You will not need to do anything different if you are making payments on the Council’s website. 

Standing orders

You may need to amend your existing mandate with your bank, changing it to the new details. The new sort code has to be used on new standing orders from 13th November 2017.

Bill payments

Your bills, invoices and reminders will have a barcode linked to the new bank account. Please ensure you use this to make your payment.

Paying your bills by Direct Debit

We urge all people who make regular payments to change to Direct Debit wherever possible. The current exception to this is a Housing Benefit invoice. 

More and more of our customers pay by Direct Debit for the following reasons:

  • Direct Debit is an easy way to pay your bills, without the worry of remembering when payments are due
  • it reduces the running costs of the council, which in turn will keep the Council Tax down
  • there is no need to contact you bank each year to change your payments 
  • you are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee; a Direct Debit does not allow the Council unlimited access to your bank account
  • the Direct Debit Guarantee states the Council must notify you in advance of changes to the amounts and due dates
  • you are also protected by the Sheffield City Council Direct Debit Guarantee, which means if we make an error we will immediately refund the amount to you

You can pay by Direct Debit by visiting the payment pages for the relevant service. 

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