Scrutiny is an essential part of modern government. It helps to ensure that government is effective and accountable.

The central purpose of scrutiny is to hold decision makers to account, examine services provided by the Council and its partners, as well as to carry out in-depth reviews into specific service areas.

The aim of these scrutiny functions is to continuously improve the delivery of local public services to residents.

Scrutiny & policy development committees

There are 5 scrutiny committees in total.  The meetings are usually held in the Town Hall, Pinstone Street and are open to members of the public.

Find out more information about their purpose, browse meetings and agendas and view contact details for the committee members:

Getting involved

There is an item at every Scrutiny meeting called ‘Public Questions and Petitions’ where anyone can ask a question. You will have to attend the meeting to ask your questions, unless you request we make a reasonable adjustment.

It is helpful if you can send your questions to us in advance. This can help us to provide a fuller answer on the day of the meeting. You can submit a petition to a Scrutiny Committee. Information on how to submit a petition is explained in our Petitions Scheme.

Recording is allowed at Scrutiny meetings under the direction of the Chair of the meeting.

Contact Scrutiny Policy Team