‘Final notice’ letters for unpaid council invoices

You may recently have received one or more final notice letters from us relating to unpaid invoices. We send these letters when we have sent you an invoice but it has not been paid. 

How to pay

If we have sent you an invoice that is not otherwise mentioned on our site you can pay this using Santander Bill Pay.

To make a payment you will need to:

Select "SCC Invoices" from the bill to pay field.

Enter your invoice number which is at the bottom left on the front of your invoice. Please enter in the 13 digits after the number 8.

Pay regularly

Register and pay now to make your payments quicker.  You will need:

  • to choose a password
  • a memorable security question/answer
  • your debit card
  • the reference number of the bill (for example Council Tax account number)
  • something to note down your customer reference number for each bill

You can make a partial payment of any invoices.

‘Final notice’ letters for unpaid council invoices 

Your letter may refer to an invoice which is months old

We started using a new finance system in August 2017, but unfortunately there was a problem with sending reminder letters. We are now issuing reminder letters for all unpaid invoices.

You may receive a letter for an invoice raised some time ago. If you haven’t paid it, it still needs paying. You may receive a letter for each outstanding invoice. Where possible these have been sent in the same envelope.

How to pay your invoice

You can pay online using Standander Bill Pay, over the phone, at a Post Office or Pay Point, or by a bank transfer. It is essential you follow the instructions on the invoice telling you how to pay. Please help us by quoting the correct reference when making your payment to make sure it reaches the correct account quickly.

If you have paid the invoice but still received a final notice

If you haven’t put a valid or understandable reference on your payment, you will have received a final notice. We will need you to provide full details so we can trace your payment. You can phone us to tell us you have paid. Please use the contact phone number on the top right of the invoice.

In order to help us trace your payment, we need to know:

  • how you paid, eg over the phone, internet or bank transfer
  • what date you paid
  • the amount
  • if you received an authorisation code and what it was
  • if you paid by bank transfer what reference you quoted

If you don't remember receiving a reminder

So that you did not receive several reminders in addition to your final notice, we have only issued the final notice letter. The amount outstanding remains the same and no further costs will be added if this is paid within 7 days of receiving the final notice.

Adult social care customers

What you need to do if you are a vulnerable person and have had a letter telling you that you will get a number of invoices

We will shortly be sending you details of exactly what you owe, you don’t need to do anything until then.

If you can't pay

Contact us using the phone number provided on your letter and we will try to help you and discuss payment options.

Who to contact if you need this letter explaining to you

There is a telephone number on the letter for you to ring. If we are busy you may need to leave a message so we can contact you. We will do this as soon as possible. Please make sure you leave your customer reference number in your message.