The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) is an independent and impartial non departmental public body which is responsible for reviewing Parliamentary constituency boundaries in England.

The 2018 Review

The BCE have the task of periodically reviewing the boundaries of all the Parliamentary constituencies in England.

They are currently conducting a review on the basis of rules set by Parliament in 2011.

These rules say that there should be a significant reduction in the number of constituencies in England (from 533 to 501), and require that every constituency – apart from two specified exceptions – must have an electorate that is no smaller than 71,031 and no larger than 78,507. 

The BCE will make its final proposals in September 2018.

Initial proposals

The BCE published their initial proposals for the new Parliamentary constituency boundaries in England on 13 September.

These proposals are currently out for consultation.

Proposed Changes for Sheffield

Yorkshire and the Humber has been allocated 50 constituencies – a reduction of 4 from the current number. The BCE’s proposals leave 3 of the 54 existing constituencies unchanged.

As it has not always been possible to allocate whole numbers of constituencies to individual councils, they have grouped some county and council areas into sub regions. Sheffield has been included as part of the North, West and South Yorkshire sub-region.

All of the current constituencies in Sheffield have been changed under these proposals. The BCE have proposed 6 new constituencies for Sheffield, some of which are shared with other councils.