Our Executive Management Team (EMT) comprises of the Chief Executive and Executive Directors and provides strategic direction.

It deals with key corporate issues and strategic service issues. It makes decisions, formulates recommendations for the political leadership, and gives a steer on policy issues where this is necessary.

EMT can make managerial decisions on how we operate or on the application of policy that has already been politically agreed, but not set new policy which is the role of elected members.

Issues that go to EMT that require a political decision then go onto a Cabinet Management Team/EMT meeting, then onto Cabinet, and where necessary onto a meeting of Full Council.

There are Executive Directors who are each responsible for a portfolio, and who are members of EMT. The Policy, Performance and Communications service, which is not part of any portfolio, is represented at EMT by the Chief Executive.

Chief Executive, John Mothersole

Telephone: 0114 273 4002

People Services portfolio

Executive Director

Jayne Ludlam

Email: jayne.ludlam@sheffield.gov.uk  

Telephone: 273 5726

Director of Children & Families Service

Carly Speechley

  • Ofsted Responsible Individual for Regulated Services
  • Children's Social Work Services
  • Fostering Service
  • Adoption Service
  • Safeguarding Service
  • Learning Difficulties and Disabilities Service
  • Multi-Agency Support Teams
  • Early Intervention and Prevention Services
  • Attendance Services
  • Commissioning
  • Children in Care Services
  • Care Leavers' Services
  • Corporate Parenting
  • Children's Centres Support Services and Inspection
  • Children's Residential Services
  • Aldine House Secure Home
  • Placement and Brokerage
  • Early Years Planning and Sufficiency - Business Strategy Strategic
  • Leadership of the Early Years - Commissioning/Learning
  • Childcare
  • Childminders
  • 0-5 Strategy/Best Start - Commissioning
  • Youth Justice Service
  • Building Successful Families - Delivery
  • Multi Systematic Therapy Services
  • Empower and Protect Project

Email: carly.speechley@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 273 4913

Interim Director of Inclusion & Learning Services & Children's Commissioner

Dawn Walton

Health, including:

  • Integrated Commissioning Unit
  • Children's Public Health
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Maternity and Early Years
  • Infant Mortality
  • Sexual Health
  • Future in Mind Programme
  • Children's Joint Commissioning
  • Parents' Assembly (Every Child Matters Survey)

Schools, including:

  • Oversight Academies Programme
  • Advocacy for Children and Young People
  • Learn Sheffield and the commission to them for delivery of LA statutory functions for school improvement (Primary, Secondary and Special Schools Performance Monitoring, Challenge and Intervention)
  • Learn Sheffield and Partnership and Communication with Schools
  • Targeted Support for Vulnerable groups, including those with EAL
  • Educational Attainment of Looked After Children
  • School Governor Service
  • Outdoor Education Service, including Swimming
  • e-Learning
  • School Places, Planning and Commissioning
  • Foundation Stage Learning Outcomes
  • Children Missing from Education
  • School Admissions and Admission Appeals
  • SEND Services and Commissioning of SEN Places
  • Strategic Lead for SEND, including Education Psychology, Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired and Autism Service
  • Strategic Lead for Services to Schools
  • De-escalation Service for Schools, Communities and Parents
  • Early Years Inclusion
  • Music Service
  • Maintained Nursery Schools
  • Hospital and Home Tuition Service
  • Early Years Standards

Email: dawn.walton@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 273 6680

Director of Business Strategy

John Doyle

  • Capital Strategy, including BSF
  • CYPF and Schools Resourcing Strategies
  • Revenue Budget and Business Planning Strategy, including Traded Services
  • Emergency Planning and Business Continuity
  • Schools Transport Strategy and Delivery
  • School Food Services
  • CYPF Information Strategy
  • Risk Assessment and Management (including Information Risk)
  • Financial Probity and Performance
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Strategic Resource Planning
  • Services to Schools Financial and Resource Planning Advice and Guidance

Business Partner Relationship Management:

  • Asset Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Procurement
  • Efficiency Programme
  • Customer First
  • Transformation Change Programmes - Capital, Budget, Strategic Outcomes, Academy Conservation Programme, Future Shape, Corporate Strategy

Email: john.doyle@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 273 5663

Director of Lifelong Learning, Skills & Communities


  • 14-24 Partnership, Planning and Provision
  • Family and Community Education
  • Integrated Youth Support
  • Employment Policy and Programmes
  • Skills (all age) Policy and Programmes
  • Skills Made Easy and Apprenticeship Reform Programme
  • Extended Learning and Support
  • Community Cohesion
  • Portfolio Policy, Planning and Performance
  • Sheffield City Region Skills Local Authority Lead for Skills, Employment and Education

Director of Planning, Improvement & Performance Service

Laura Pattman

Improvement and Development:

  • Performance Management
  • Business Information Management
  • Programme Development and Monitoring
  • Strategic Resource Planning (Business and Portfolio Strategy, Planning and Monitoring)
  • Financial Probity and Performance
  • Business Improvement, Efficiency and VFM
  • Business Transformation/Change Management Information
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Business Systems Maintenance and Development
  • Communities Information Strategy
  • User/Carer Engagement
  • Business Support
  • Resilience Management: Risk
  • Resilience Management: Business Continuity
  • Resilience Management: Emergency Planning
  • Governance, Compliance and Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance
  • Staff and Customer Involvement
  • Risk Management, Information Governance and Business Continuity
  • Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion

Business Partner Relationship Management:

  • Finance and Efficiency Programme
  • Human Resources
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Legal Services
  • Asset Management
  • Commercial Services
  • Communications
  • Customer First
  • Transformation Change Programme

Email: laura.pattman@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 273 5060

Director of Adult Services

Phil Holmes

  • Adult Social Work Assessment and Care Management
  • Hospital and Intermediate Care Social Work Services
  • Adult Safeguarding Investigations and Care Management
  • Joint Learning Disability Service, including Social Work, Supported Accommodation, Day Opportunities, Supported Employment, Short Breaks and Respite Care
  • Safeguarding and Strategic Overview and Governance
  • Serious Incidents and Serious Case Reviews
  • Social Work Practice Development
  • Personal Budgets and Direct Payments
  • Services for People with Sensory Impairment
  • Support for Carers
  • Community Reablement Services
  • Care4You Adult Provider Services
  • Adult Placement Shared Lives
  • Citywide Care Alarms
  • Occupational Therapy, Equipment and Adaptations Services

Telephone: 0114 273 6751 

Email: phil.holmes@sheffield.gov.uk

Director of Commissioning


  • Housing-related Support
  • Adult Social Care Commissioning
  • Intelligence and Forecasting
  • Older People
  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Carers
  • Service Development (personalisation, prevention, integrated services)
  • Contracts and Partnerships
  • Drug and Alcohol/Domestic Abuse Co-ordination (DACT)
  • Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Health and Care Integration (BCF)
  • Community Equipment

Head of Libraries & Community Services

Dawn Shaw

Libraries, Archive and Information Services:

  • Community Libraries
  • Central Library
  • Cohesion and Migration
  • Home Library Service
  • Patient Library Services
  • Partnerships with co-delivered and associate Library Groups
  • Governance of Library Assets
  • BIPC Centre
  • Archives and Heritage Services
  • Local Studies
  • Records Management
  • Children's and Schools Library Services
  • Universal Offers

Community Digital Inclusion Strategy

Voluntary Sector:

  • Grant Aid
  • Strategic lead on engagement with the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector
  • Voluntary Sector Strategy

Locality Management:

  • Local Area Partnerships
  • Voluntary Sector Liaison

Community Development:

  • Strategic Commissioning of Community Development
  • Building Community Assets
  • Increasing Community Resilience
  • Multi-Agency and Partnership Working
  • Development of Community Hubs
  • Public Health Community Wellbeing Programme
  • Prevention and Early Intervention
  • Community Support Workers Service
  • Cohesion and Migration
  • Equalities

Email: dawn.shaw@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 273 4486

Place portfolio

Executive Director

Laraine Manley

Email: laraine.manley@sheffield.gov.uk  

Telephone: 0114 273 4300

Director of Business Strategy & Regulation

Mick Crofts

Strategic Role:

  • Business Partner Relationship Management
  • Business Planning
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Performance Management
  • Programme Management
  • Resilience Management
  • Risk
  • Business Continuity
  • Corporate Emergency Planning
  • Strategic Resource Planning
Operational Services:
  • Capital Delivery Service
  • Coroner's Service
  • Medico Legal Centre (MLC)
  • Licensing
  • Parking Services
  • Regulatory Services: Health Protection
  • Regulatory Services: Environmental Protection
  • Regulatory Services: Trading Standards
  • Regulatory Services: Pest Control
  • Waste Management (including abandoned vehicles)

Email: michael.crofts@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 273 6148

Director of City Centre Development

Nalin Seneviratne

City Centre Major Investment/Regeneration Projects:

  • Sheffield Retail Quarter
  • Flood Protection Programme

Email: nalin.seneviratne@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 205 7017

Director of Creative Sheffield

Edward Highfield

  • Air Quality
  • Building Standards and Public Safety
  • Business Growth
  • Inward Investment
  • City Branding and Identity
  • Corporate Property Services: Commercial Estate Management
  • Corporate Property Services: Estate and Valuation Services
  • Corporate Property Services: Kier Asset Partnership Ltd Shared Services - Estate and Valuation Services
  • Corporate Property Services: Rural Estates Management
  • Property Disposals and Acquisitions
  • Regeneration
  • Economic Strategy
  • External Marketing of Sheffield
  • Flood Risk Management
  • Highways Maintenance - Streets Ahead PFI
  • Indigenous Business Support/Aftercare
  • Maximising Economic Impact of Major Events
  • Planning - Development Management and Local Plan
  • Promoting Sheffield as a Business Location
  • Promoting Sheffield to Attract Leisure and Business Tourism
  • Rural Estates Management
  • Sector Development
  • Sheffield City Region and Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Sheffield Housing Company
  • South Yorkshire Archaeology 
  • South Yorkshire Forest
  • Strategic Development and Funding
  • Transport, Traffic Infrastructure
  • Welcome to Sheffield Web Portal and Tourist Information Centre

Email: edward.highfield@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 223 2349

Director of Culture & Environment

Paul Billington

  • Sport and physical activity projects and programmes
  • Contracts and funding with sports facility providers
  • Allotments
  • Arts development and major projects
  • Contracts and funding with major arts partners including Sheffield Theatres, museums trusts, Showroom and Site Gallery
  • Bereavement Services
  • City Centre Management
  • City and Community Events
  • Graffiti Removal (except on highways)
  • Housing estate grounds maintenance
  • Highway Maintenance - Streets Ahead PFI
  • Parks and Woodlands
  • Ranger Service
  • Sheffield Markets
  • Public Health: environment, physical activity, food policy, tobacco control

Email: paul.billington@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 273 5071

Director of Housing & Neighbourhood Services

Janet Sharpe

  • Neighbourhood Management
  • Neighbourhood amd Tenancy Management - including taking enforcement and legal actions
  • Management of SCC First Points and Council Housing Service customer access point
  • Providing support and signposting/referring council housing tenants
  • Community Engagement - city wide and local engagement
  • Monitoring Tenant and Residents' Associations and administering the levy payments
  • Estates Service - locally based waste management, recycling, block cleaning
  • Working with Estate and Env Services to develop neighbourhood plans with Parks
  • Management of Local Budgets - going local and community fund
  • Management of HRA owned buildings ie area offices and meeting rooms
  • Management of garages - maintenance of waiting list, lettings and collection of rent
  • Taking enforcement actions as per tenancy conditions
  • Income Management and Financial Inclusion
  • Social Care and Accounts Services - income collection, executor services and debt recovery
  • Community Safety and Anti-Social Behaviour Multi-Agency Services
  • Rehousing Policy, Allocations, Access to Housing
  • Older Person’s Independent Living
  • Interim and Supported Housing, Furnished Accommodation
  • Gypsies and Traveller Site Management
  • Homelessness, Rough Sleepers, Accommodation, Commissioning, Safeguarding and Support Services
  • Provider Services
  • Housing Options and Advice Services
  • Private Sector Housing - Regulation, Licensing, Tenant Support Services, Lettings Agency and Enforcement
  • Page Hall Neighbourhood Management
  • Home Ownership and Revenue Services (including Regional Homes and Loans Services and Accountable Body)
  • Council Housing Strategy/Integrated Housing and Repairs Strategy
  • HRA Business Plan (responsible for the 30 year plan)
  • Registered Social Landlords Compliance and Liaison
  • Asset Management Strategy for HRA assets
  • Non Domestic HRA Land and Asset Investment and Disposal
  • Delivery of the Garage Strategy
  • Estate Services Review 
  • Housing & Neighbourhoods Capital Programme feasibility, development, programme management and monitoring
  • Delivery of Investment Programme
  • Technical Standards and Design for Council Stock
  • Building Standards compliance including HME services
  • Health and Safety Policy and Staff Engagement
  • Community Engagement & Tenant Governance in relation to investment and repairs activity
  • Adaptations - public and private policy and delivery
  • Vacant Property Management
  • Commission for Responsive Repairs and Planned Maintenance (insourced service)
  • Repairs Policy and Strategy, Management of Disrepairs and Permissions 
  • Leaseholder Management Services
  • Relationship management of licences and long leases with RSLs
  • Estate Services Strategy and Policy, city wide management of waste, green and hard landscaping standards
  • Block Cleaning and Chute management
  • Waste Support Project - Education and Enforcement
  • Housing specific contract management for waste and grounds maintenance services
  • Management of Garden Pledge and Vacant Gardens
  • Garden Competition
  • Environmental Management System implementing BS10014
  • Housing Employability Programme
  • Housing Strategy and Policy
  • Housing Growth Delivery
  • Affordable Housing - New Provision and RP Partnership
  • Housing and Neighbourhood Regeneration
  • Successful Centres Programme
  • Housing Sustainable Energy and Environmental Strategy

Telephone: 0114 273 5493 

Email: janet.sharpe@sheffield.gov.uk

Head of Transport & Facilities Management

Neil Dawson

  • Facilities Management of the Corporate Estate
  • Facilities Management Contract Management
  • Schools Property Services
  • Property Records
  • Transport Management of the Corporate Fleet
  • Transport Contracts and Fleet Management
  • Passenger Transport for Vulnerable Adults and Children
  • Taxi Driver and Vehicle Testing
  • Vehicle Testing, Maintenance and Repairs

Email: neil.dawson@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 203 7592

Resources portfolio

Executive Director

Eugene Walker

  • Overall Portfolio Accountability
  • Statutory Chief Finance Officer (Section 151 Officer for SCC)
  • Statutory City Region Finance Officer (Section 73 Officer)
  • EMT Lead for Tackling Inequalities and Equality Hubs

Email: eugene.walker@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 273 5167 

Director of Business Change & Information Solutions

Mark Gannon

  • Digital Strategy
  • IT Strategy & Planning
  • ICT Outsourced Partnership Management
  • Business Change including Business Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, Programme and Project Management
  • IT Service Management including ICT Governance and Assurance
  • Information Security & Management
  • Digital Inclusion/Digital Literacy
  • Lead Client Director – Capita Partnership Relationship
  • Strategic Change Programme
  • Senior Information Risk Officer (SIRO)

Email: mark.gannon@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 273 6818

Director of Finance & Commercial Services

Marianne Betts

Strategic Finance:

  • Financial Planning and Accounting
  • Financial Systems support and helpdesk
  • Internal Audit
  • External Grant Funding
  • Treasury
  • Taxation
  • Insurance and Risk
  • Deputy Statutory Chief Finance Officer (Section 151 Officer for SCC)

Financial Business Partnering:

Financial Business Partnering for all portfolios

Commercial Business Development:

  • Capital Programme Budgeting and Accounting
  • Finance & Commercial Projects
  • Housing and Council Tax Benefits Client Team
  • Council Tax and Business Rates Collection
  • Collection of Sundry Debt
  • Construction Category (Procurement)
  • Income & Commercialisation Agenda
  • Investment Strategy
  • Corporate Debt Recovery

Procurement and Supply Chain:

  • Commercial, Commissioning, Procurement and Contract Management, Processes and Support
  • Business Services Category (Procurement)
  • Young People, Health and Care Category (Procurement)
  • Strategic Contract Management (eg Capita, Waste, Streets Ahead, Social Housing Repairs and Maintenance, Corporate Repair, Property and FM, Howden House)
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • All External Spend Data and related Freedom of Information Requests
  • Approach/Process for Trade Supplier Payments
  • Managing Community Right to Challenge Submissions

Email: marianne.betts@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 205 7303

Director of Human Resources & Customer Services

Mark Bennett

Human Resources:

  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Policy and Specialist Advice on Employment Matters
  • HR Advice and Support on People Management
  • Workforce Development Unit
  • Schools HR Service - Strategy and Governance
  • Learning and Development Delivery Service
  • HR Support for Major Change Projects
  • Occupational Health
  • Health and Safety
  • HR Connect - Capita HR Transactions
  • HR Connect - Capita Payroll

Customer Services:

  • Corporate Call Centre, Council Housing Call Centre and Repairs Service Centre
  • City Wide Alarms Call Handling Service
  • 101 Service/Out of Hours Service
  • eServices
  • Corporate Complaints Team
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Customer Service Strategy and Projects
  • First Point, Reception Service
  • Blue Badge Service
  • Armed Forces Community Covenant
  • Sheffield Register Office
  • Customer Fulfilment Centre (processing of applications for parking permits, travel passes, free school meals)
  • Revenue and Benefits Call Centre

Email: mark.bennett@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 273 4081

Director of Legal & Governance

Gillian Duckworth

  • Legal Services
  • Local Land Charges
  • Monitoring Officer
  • Standards
  • Constitution
  • Governance
  • Democratic Services
  • Member Development
  • Mayoral Team
  • Members' Services

Email: gillian.duckworth@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 273 4018 

Policy, Performance & Communications

Director of Policy, Performance & Communications

James Henderson

  • Corporate Policy and Strategy
  • Corporate Research and Analysis, including spatial analysis and GIS
  • Communications, including Campaigns, Marketing, Press and PR, Print and Corporate Consultation, Design and Internal Communications
  • Digital Services
  • Elections, Referenda and Electoral Registration
  • Equalities, Social Justice and Community Involvement
  • Performance Management
  • Public Service Reform
  • Scrutiny
  • Sheffield Partnership Board (formerly Sheffield Executive Board)
  • Strategic and Business Planning

Email: james.henderson@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 205 3126

Director of Public Health

Greg Fell

  • Public Health overall, including Health Improvement, Health Protection and Health Services' Public Health
  • Public Health input to the (NHS) Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Lead Director for the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
  • Liaison with Executive Directors regarding Integration of Public Health Specialist Teams into the Portfolio Management Structures
  • Planning for and responding to emergencies that present a risk to public health
  • Membership of the Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Writing an Annual Report on the Health of the Population

Email: greg.fell@sheffield.gov.uk

Telephone: 0114 205 7462