The city's 28 wards are grouped into 7 Local Area Partnerships (LAP), each made up of 4 wards.


Each LAP co-ordinates a number of neighbourhood projects that tackle agreed ‘strategic’ priorities which:

  • contribute/complement the ward priorities
  • improve integrate service delivery 
  • increase community resilience (ie help people to help themselves).


Membership of the LAPs and the various neighbourhood project groups reflect the priority/issue being tackled but generally include:

  • local councillors
  • public sector services
  • private businesses
  • the voluntary, community and faith sector

Engaging & involving residents

As Community Leaders, your local ward Councillors will continually engage and involve you in issues that affect your neighbourhood and hold local services to account.

Councillors will do this in a range of ways:

  • holding regular surgeries
  • attending existing community meetings or events
  • hosting ward meetings or events in your ward – this could be a formal meeting, walkabout, workshop or a drop-in
  • distributing questionnaires and flyers
  • placing articles in the press or local newsletters
  • attending the Annual ‘Cabinet in the Community’ events
  • supporting and advising on consultations taking place in the ward
  • using social media, such as Twitter or Facebook
  • emailing, phone calls or face-to-face discussions

Each area have blog, Facebook and Twitter pages which promote local news, meetings and events in the area. 

£250,000 has been split across all 28 wards. The allocation for each ward is calculated using Indices of Multiple Deprivation.