There are around 238,000 households currently in Sheffield, based on occupied properties in the Council Tax register.

Around a quarter of Sheffield's housing stock is social rented either from the council or registered housing providers. There are around 40,000 council properties in the city.

Three quarters of Sheffield's housing stock is in the private sector. The majority of households living in the private stock are home owners, but 16% rent from a private landlord.

The average house price in Sheffield is currently around£151,000. However, house prices vary by type of property and by areas in the city. 

House price database

As part of our responsibility to monitor the housing market in Sheffield we routinely collect house price information from the UK House Price Index dataset, which uses sales data collected on residential housing transactions by the Land Registry. 

The Land Registry information is widely considered the most reliable source of house price data because it includes all sales in England and Wales, cash and mortgage, and is not skewed by asking prices as some other house price information is. 

We use this data to determine the average house price for each housing market area, ward and neighbourhood in the city. This is done by weighting the sale data for each area against the UK House Price Index average house price for the city.

We do this to ensure that the average house price for each area is not skewed by the number or types of sales in the particular quarter, and to ensure that it gives a true reflection of the value of properties in the area. 

This data goes back to 2001 and runs up to 2016. This information is usually updated approximately 6 weeks after the end of the quarter to allow the Land Registry to update their records with any late sales.