We asked you what customer service standards you would like. These standards reflect what you said you want. You can expect our staff to keep to them.

Be professional

  • we will do what we promise to do, on time
  • we will be welcoming, friendly, helpful and polite
  • we will treat you with respect
  • we will treat you fairly
  • we will know our services and know how to help you

Give you correct information

  • we will make sure that any information we give you is correct and answers your question as fully as possible
  • we will tell you who is dealing with your question and what is happening with it
  • we will offer a range of ways in which we can communicate with you

Respond quickly

  • when you contact us, we will try to deal with your question or complaint straight away
  • if this is not possible, we aim to give you an answer within seven days
  • if your question or complaint is more complicated and we need more time, we will write to you to tell you what is happening and we will reply to you in full within 28 days
  • if you leave a message on our answerphone, we will respond to you within one working day
  • if you have an appointment, we will see you on time

Be easy to get in touch with

  • we will clearly display opening times in all our reception areas and will be open at those times
  • if you phone us on any of the numbers we have listed in our A-Z Guide to Public Services and in your local phone book, we will answer your call within 20 seconds
  • we will put you through to the right person to deal with your question. If the person is not available at that time, we will pass your question to the right person for them to deal with it and they will contact you
  • we will offer you a range of ways to contact us

We ask that you

  • let us know if something goes wrong
  • tell us if your personal circumstances change as this may affect whether you are entitled to services
  • keep any appointment you have made with us (if you cannot do so, please let us know) and
  • be considerate and polite

Customer Services

Ask us a question

0114 273 4567 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday

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