Sheffield cycle maps

  1. North: Crookes and Darnall all the way up to Stocksbridge.
  2. South: from Hillsborough and Fir Vale down to Totley and Halfway. Includes the city centre.
  3. North & South: the complete cycle map (north and south) with text and photos as seen on the printed version.
  4. City Centre: just the city centre.

Upper Don Valley

Penistone Road

The off-road route alongside Penistone Road has been extended from Hillsborough Leisure Centre to the Leppings Lane junction.

Little Don Link

A cycle route is being developed to link North Sheffield with the Peak District via Wharncliffe Woods, Deepcar, Stocksbridge and Langsett. The section between Hunshelf Road and Underbank Lane has been completed.

Barnsley Council will be developing the route from Bramall Lane to Dunford Bridge via Langsett.

We plan to complete the Little Don Link (in both Sheffield and Barnsley) by March 2018.

Lower Don Valley

Colliery Road

The road is now closed to through-traffic. We are currently looking at options to improve the lighting under the bridges, and to connect the route across to the Five Weirs Walk on Weedon Street.

Blackburn Valley

The current off-road route runs from Meadowhall to Ecclesfield. The next section to Smithy Wood should be constructed by March 2017.

City centre

University to City Hall

We are considering a route from the current Portobello section that crosses Rockingham Street, along Trippet Lane, Holly Street and into Barkers Pool.

The intention is to build Spring/Summer 2017.

Arundel Gate to Collegiate Crescent

We are considering cycle routes between campuses at Hallam City and Hallam Collegiate.

Charter Square

A short section of off-road route taking advantage of the redesign of Charter Square.

South Sheffield

A South Sheffield route will be considered in the next round of funding for 2018-2021.

West Sheffield

We are considering a cycle route between Owlerton Green and Low Bradfield.

Completed schemes

Bridges Greenway - Halfway to Killamarsh

A route has been built for people walking and cycling between Halfway (Sheffield) and Killamarsh (Derbyshire). It includes two new bridges over the river and railway line.

Killamarsh area

Map from Sustrans showing the 2 Bridges Greenway to Killamarsh and Rother Valley Country Park.

Tram Track danger

If you cycle on roads that have tram tracks, you have a higher chance of falling over and injuring yourself.  

On these routes you will often need to cross the tracks to get around tram stops, to turn off the road or because the tracks change direction.  When you cross the tracks your wheels might get caught in the groove or they might slip on the rails.  Many incidents of this type happen each year.

The best way to avoid this danger is to cycle a different route where there are no tram tracks, even if it takes a bit longer.  This would be a good idea especially when it's wet, snowy or icy, when rails are slippery.

If you still want to cycle alongside the tracks, make sure that when you cross them you do this at a good angle, as if you were turning left or right.  But don’t turn so late that your wheels twist against the slippery rails. 

Please tell us if you have fallen over while riding over the tram tracks.

Transport Planning

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