These are the ongoing changes and improvements to cycle routes in the city.

Blackburn Valley

Off-road route runs from Meadowhall to Ecclesfield. The section at Loicher Lane is now complete. Further route development  at Smithywood is subject to development proposals coming forward.

City centre

University to City Hall

Under construction. Due for completion early 2021.

Charter Square to Collegiate Crescent

Mostly complete.

Grey to Green 2

Complete. Links Grey to Green 1 at West Bar with Park Square.

Lower Don Valley

Segregated cycle route has recently been completed between Darnall and NCN 627 at Manor.

Upper Don Valley

Little Don Link

Linking north Sheffield with the Peak District via Wharncliffe Woods, Deepcar, Stocksbridge and Langsett. The section between Hunshelf Road in Stocksbridge and Wortley Road Deepcar is complete.

There is a small scheme planned for 2020/21 to improve the crossing at Wortley Road into Station Road.

Future interventions are planned as part of development proposals along the corridor at Oughtibridge former paper mill site and at Station Road, Deepcar. This route will form part of the Upper Don Trail.

Barnsley Council will develop the route from Underbank Lane to Dunford Bridge via Langsett.

Transforming Cities Fund

This fund comes in two parts 2a and 2b.

TCF2a funding was released in December 2018 and is funding the following:

  • City Centre West connects the scheme recently completed along Broomhall Road with Charter Square. Runs along Wellington Street through the Broom Green residential area and across Hanover Way
  • Portobello crossings improved crossings on the University to City Hall routes at Mappin Street. Construction is on site
  • a connection along Holly Street into Balm Green/Barkers Pool: this is complete.

TCF2b – for details of the programme and projects see the Connecting Sheffield website.

Our strategy

You can read the overarching strategies that help us determine our priorities for investments in improving cycling infrastructure.

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