For most of us being a parent or carer is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences, and it also brings challenges. Whether your child isn’t listening, they aren’t going to bed on time, or your teenager is pushing boundaries, we can help. 

We offer a wide range of support for all families, including large group seminars, small informal discussion groups, and more specialist support if required. Sessions are free to attend, and parents will learn a few tips, ideas and strategies that can help to make a big difference in their lives. 

Our programmes

Our support is based on the internationally recognised programmes, The Incredible Years and the Triple P: Positive Parenting Programme. The programmes offer practical guidance to support parents to build a positive relationship with their child, and implement behaviour therapy strategies in order to create a more relaxed home environment. Programmes run at venues across the city.


A seminar is a 50 minute one-off presentation on a particular area of parenting. The topics are:

  • the power of positive parenting
  • raising confident and competent children
  • raising resilient children
  • raising competent teenagers
  • raising responsible teenagers 
  • getting teenagers connected

Contact us for dates and times of seminars in your area.

Discussion groups

Discussion Groups are one-off, 2 hour group sessions about specific parenting topics. Discussion Groups cover the following topics:

  • dealing with disobedience
  • developing good bedtime routines
  • managing fighting and aggression
  • hassle free outings with children
  • coping with teenage emotions
  • getting teenagers to co-operate
  • reducing family conflict
  • building teenagers survival skills

Contact us to find out more and book a place.

Group programmes

We offer a range of group programmes:

  • The Incredible Baby: A 10 week programme for parents of babies. Parents bring their babies along to these sessions which are focused on baby’s development and bonding
  • The Incredible Years 2-8: A 15 week programme for parents of children 2-8 years. This programme highlights the importance of nurture and play, along with behavioural therapy strategies
  • 0-12 Triple P: A 9 week programme for parents of children 0-12. This programme includes many different strategies to positively manage challenging behaviour
  • Teen Triple P: A 9 week programme for parents of teenagers and children approaching adolescence. Parents will learn positive ways to deal with the changing behaviour and emotions of teens
  • Stepping Stones Triple P: A 10 week programme for parents of children with a disability. This programme steps into the world of children with additional needs, and shows parents how to teach new skills, communication and strategies to manage behaviour

Domestic abuse programmes

You and Me, Mum is a 15 week programme to support mums who are survivors of domestic abuse. The group explores how domestic abuse affects parent and child, how to develop effective communication skills with children and young people, and also looks into strategies for keeping mothers and young people safe.

Specialist programmes

There are a number of specialist programmes offered to parents who may require specific support.  If parents feel that they need specific support, we recommend that they talk to a parenting specialist at one of our MAST offices. All courses are free and run by experienced professionals, in a relaxed and friendly setting. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.