If you have eligible care and support needs, we’ll help you to decide how your needs can be met and the outcomes you want to achieve. This is called support planning.

We want to help you be as independent as possible, so we first look at how you can help yourself, and support you get from family, friends and your community.

If you have eligible support needs that can’t be met through family, friends or your community, then we'll work with you to decide the support you’d most benefit from. This might be support so you can continue to live independently and safely in your own home, support in a housing scheme like supported living or sheltered housing, or support in a residential or nursing home.

We’ll record details of the outcomes you want to achieve, the things that you and your family, friends and community networks can do to help, and the activities and services we discuss on a form called a Care and Support Plan.

We’ll also discuss with you whether we should arrange and pay for the activities and services in your Care and Support Plan (this is called 'Council arranged support'), or whether you’d like to have money paid to you as a Direct Payment so that you can organise and pay for your support yourself.

Your plan can include Council arranged support and a Direct Payment.

We’ll help you to organise your support, and we’ll review your Care and Support Plan regularly to make sure your support is helping you to remain independent, safe and well.

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