Providers can apply to be added as a Money Management Recognised Provider if they deliver budget or financial support for individuals in receipt of a direct payment. The budget and financial support services include:

  • managing an individual’s direct payment monies, associated financial transactions and record-keeping
  • paying support costs, such as invoices as directed by the individual

The budget and financial support role does not include payroll or personal assistant support services. In order to gain Money Management Recognised Provider status and the quality mark, providers must be able to meet specific quality standards including:

  • budgeting or financial systems and processes
  • customer focus
  • safeguarding
  • confidentiality and data protection
  • health and safety
  • insurance
  • quality assurance

Successful applications

If you’re successful you’ll be asked to sign our conditions. Once recognised, providers can use the Money Management logo in relation to the services for which the status was awarded. 

Recognised Provider List

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